Wish List: Cabin Porn

If this weekend proved anything, it’s that I’m an introvert. I’m kind of one of those tricky personalities where there are pretty strong cases for both sides. Ultimately, when it comes down to the age-old and terrifically simple question of “Do you get energized from being with people or by yourself?” the answer is obvious.… Continue reading Wish List: Cabin Porn

Wish List: Instrmnt Watch

In college, my style was all color, color, and more color. Multi-colored giraffe-print dress: Check. MULTIPLE pieces in canary yellow: Check. Long-sleeve, floor-length Impala or Button-Up BBQ printed dresses: Check and Check. With each piece a memory (summer in NYC, Ralph Lauren interview, Grace’s Bachelorette Party, Graduation), all that pizzazz, color and allowance for art… Continue reading Wish List: Instrmnt Watch

On My Wish List: Adult Lunch Box

Ever since starting my 8-5 office job in August, I’ve done my healthy, holistic, adult-lady very best at bringing my lunch to work everyday. I’ve had so many jobs in the past where I find myself heading out to pick up unhealthy and relatively cheap, but ultimately expensive meals. Everyday. My waistline and my wallet… Continue reading On My Wish List: Adult Lunch Box