What I’m into Today: Bargains

Saving money is never not cool. Can I get an amen? Why spend $100 when you can spend $99? Why spend $50 when you can spend $25?
Ok. So we all agree there. Now, put that thought to the side for a second.
Thought Number Two: I’m on a major “It’s amazing what you can get in life when you simply ask!” kick right now. It. is. crazy. what I’ve been able to swing lately by just asking the questions that I’m usually too shy to ask. The worst they can say is no, right?
Recent examples of me asking on the spot questions that have garnered positive results:
“Waiter, I love this cous cous. Would you mind giving me the recipe?” “Sure!”
“I know you just finished telling me that the only option for me is the get store credit, and I definitely heard you, but instead of store credit, would you please give me cash? I’d much prefer cash.” “Fine. Please leave now.”
“Are you going to throw all of those cupcakes away? I’d be happy to take them off your hands.” “Ok, fatty!”
What’s the point of all of this?
I’m in the midst of buying furniture for my apartment, preparing for my engaged roommate to move out and take her beautiful blue velvet couch with her. This is both stressful and exciting:
Stressful: Money is stressful.
Exciting: Making mood boards for my fictitious future living room is my passion.
My standards are high. My budget is strict. But! With just a little friendliness and asking for the price I want, I’ve saved, to date, $597 !
Couch: 20% off and no tax.
Rug: $124 off and free shipping ! FROM TURKEY !!!
Dining room table and chairs: $300 off !!!!!!!!!
Yes, this post may be coming off a little braggy, but I’m just riding high on that bargain wave. I always say this and then don’t follow through on it, but once again, I’m confirmed in my theory that one should NEVER buy ANYTHING in this world for full price.

What I’m into Today: Spotify’s “Have a Great Day” Playlist

Nothing too groundbreaking here. Just good music making all the difference this morning.

(Except for the part where Fun. and Smashmouth make their way onto the playlist.)

(Just kidding. I love that Smashmouth song.)

(I don’t even mind that Counting Crows song.)

(But I hate Fun.)

(The band.)

(Not the concept.)

Make today the best day of your week!


Julia who slept well and ate a large breakfast today and LOVES. THIS. WEATHER. Patton

What I’m into Today: Sheet Pan Chicken and Brussel Sprouts


When I tell you this is the easiest dinner I’ve made this year, I’m telling you: This is the easiest dinner I’ve made this year. (And I’m not being sneaky with the whole “this year has only been this year for 17 days, kind of thing.)

My best friend, Casey, is getting married in July and in the easiest ‘Yes’ I’ve ever given, she asked for me to teach her to cook a little bit as a wedding gift. We’re starting small with easy, healthy, inexpensive meals that can be thrown together after work on a weeknight (she’s a teacher) while also conquering her fear of cooking chicken. This checks all boxes.

We made this last Friday and it was a total win. There are five ingredients and two of them are in the title.

My favorite parts:
– Salty, crispy chicken skin
– Brussel sprouts cooked in flavorful drippings
– One pan for the whole shebang

If Casey can do this, you can do this.

No offense, Case.

Find the recipe here.

What I’m into Today: Outdoor Voices


“Honestly, how vastly different could a pair of leggings be from one another?”

Mmm… I remember a time when I was that naive. It was Tuesday. Then I got my OV leggings in the mail. And everything changed.

I’ve been a hypothetical, theoretical fan of Outdoor Voices for a while– never owning a pair, but just talking about them to other people as if I owned a baker’s dozen. But, ever since Lena Dunham first rocked them with body positive bad-assery and then Man Repeller’s Oh Boy Podcast (one of my faves) interviewed their Founder, Tyler Haney, I’ve championed their cause to live a life of “Doing Things.” This mission applies to walking your dog or running a marathon or, and not that I would do this, but watching 14 hours of Netflix straight through only breaking to pee and make platter for one of cheesy pasta, all while in extreme comfortability.

I asked for them for Christmas, but the memo was not received (it’s fine), so I decided to pull the trigger myself and snag a few pairs.

Ok, seriously, I don’t know how to sell you on these besides just to tell you to buy them and find out how magical they are. I feel like I’m wearing Spanx in the best possible way, but without the part of Spanx where you are sweating a little bit after you put them on. Or the part where the Spanx redistribute all of the fat that at one point was in your butt and thighs up to the top of the waistband. No? Just me? Either way, these leggings won’t do that to you.

I can’t say that I have gotten any organic compliments on them yet, but that’s only because I have pointed to them and started to force conversation re: my effortlessly cool, sexy, ample bottom before anyone can say it first. But, I’m sure you know how that is– people (friends, strangers, good-looking, single, Christian men) are never not complimenting my ass, so this is a nice break from that. Letting me start the conversation, you know? Normally, people don’t say it out loud, but I can tell what they’re thinking. Pervs.

(Also, the cool thing is that watching their Instagram videos of other people working out actually counts as a work out for yourself if you’re wearing their leggings while you do it.)

(Also, have you realized that this is three days straight of blogging? Can you believe it!? I’m scared to say this out loud… How do we feel about posting this kind of thing on FB or insta? …No, you’re right, I should wait for two more weeks… and then probably not even then. Right. We’ll talk about it then.)

What I’m into Today: Eggplant Involtini


I made this recipe earlier this week from my favorite one of my favorite food blogs, Alexandra Cooks, and just Amazon Prim Now’ed all the ingredients to make it again tonight. SO easy. So hearty and delicious. And, some may fight me on this, but I would even call this recipe healthy.

The eggplant seems to be the hold up for most people I’ve explained it to, but I swear, if I made this for you and told you it was like… a new type of pasta, you’d totally believe me. Also, I just used store bought sauce instead of homemade because who needs it, you know?

Recipe found here. 

What I’m into Today: Bad with Money

Hi. It’s me, Julia. I’m alive. Can you believe it? You’re alive too! And it’s 2017. I’m currently sitting at my desk at the same job that I was complaining about the last time we talked and everything is simultaneously exactly the same and completely different.

Here are some facts about right now:

2016 is over.
Donald Trump is becoming the president of the United States in 8 days.
Kim Kardashian is on social media again.

I’m keeping my opinions to myself about each of those things. I have opinions. But I’m just exhausted by all of it. We all are. No matter how much you like or dislike Meryl Streep right now, it’s all just tiring.

So, something I do all the time is group text my friends about something I’m excited about. I bet you do that too. We all do. It’s what texting is for. Sometimes they respond. Usually they do not. And I get it. The recipe I found for Curry Hot Chocolate is exciting to me, but they all have boyfriends and jobs and hobbies and lives that are much more serious than mine so their time is precious. Therefore, I remain the only one excited about the Hot Chocolate.

This cycle of inner excitement, immediate sharing, lack of interest, and then said topic getting slowly blown away like a pile of sand happened not five minutes ago. But because I’m a millennial and thoughts that aren’t shared are thoughts that maybe never happened, I feel the need to tell someone about everything. Is this the definition of a blog? I suppose so. So, I put my phone down, opened a new tab on chrome and took a journey back to this blog where I entered my password incorrectly three times before I was allowed entry. I’m starting a new group text and guess what, you’re in it.

This blog has had many lives. Most of which died a slow, death rattle kind of death around 2013, but I think I’m going to use this space to post everyday about the thing I’m into. Sometimes there will be a description. Probably most of the time there won’t be. But here we are.

Today I’m into:

A podcast called “Bad with Money” by Gaby Dunn. It follows a girl… who I would guess is about 27… and her relationship with money. It’s interesting in a sort of voyeuristic way. There are times when I’m listening to it as a 20 something where I totally identify and then there are times when I can’t believe someone her age has such a different view of finances than I do. Sometimes it get’s political and I fast forward through those parts because, as interesting as they may be, as previously mentioned, I’m tired of all of that. At least for a few more weeks.

Sometimes Gaby’s voice can get a little whiny, which I don’t love, but overall, I’m enjoying this podcast.

*Note that these posts are categorized by things I’m “into.” This is strategically not called “What I’m obsessed with today.” And that’s for two reasons. 1. I firmly believe that the word obsessed is grossly overused. 2. I’m not always freaking out in a 100% certain and/or passionate way. I just want to share.

K. That’s it. Happy Wednesday.


Let’s start here.

Frankie Valli said it best.

“This is a life of illusion, a life of control
Mixed with confusion – what’re we doin’ here?”

Oh, my dear Frankie. It seems that you and I are grappling with the same questions, my sweet, tiny, Italian boy! Wait, is Frankie Valli still alive?

Things on my mind:

-My job
-Political things. Note the avoidance of the word “politics” bc I’m just so sick of politics, but I’m more interested in talking and thinking about political things. And being a feminist. And liking our country how it is. And wanting to see change. And really hating Donald Trump. But being confused alsooooooooo.
-Hobbies. Creativity. Action items. Goals. All in one steaming pie.
-How badly I don’t want the word “single” to be on this list. But it is. It’s on the list.
-Makeup. Minimalist makeup. No makeup at all. Wearing a ton of makeup and why that’s ok too!
-Upstate New York in the fall
-Long-distance friendships
-Friendships right here right now
-Tattoos! What? Who am I? And how getting a tattoo at a transitional stage of life is like, not the best idea. But is also the exact time to get one, no!?
-Food. Balance. Life being too short to not eat the pasta. And then seeing a photo of an unhealthier you where you’re like “Woah.”