Follicle Drama: An Update

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see the conclusion of my hair decision.

To cut or not to cut? Bangs or butt cut? These are the decisions that are plaguing our generation and paralyzing a nation.

Just to keep you abreast to the livelihood of my split ends, I find it necessary to let you all know that I’ve made a decision. I’ve reached an armistice with myself and my hair and that armistice looks a lot like…

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Lady Crush: Meg Callahan

I have a serious lady/artist crush on Furniture Designer and Quilt Maker Meg Callahan.

Quilting is kind of this magical thing to me. When you see a quilt in someone’s home, there is typically an inherent heirloom quality and or story behind it that is usually bigger than “I bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond.” That sort of importance is maintained, but modernized in Meg’s beautiful handmade pieces of true artwork. These aren’t your great grandmother’s quilts, but they do maintain a similar integrity. All of Meg’s pieces are designed, dyed, and produced in Rhode Island. I’m a sucker for tradition and keepsakes and I’m a sucker for good construction. This plus that equals fan for life.


Meg_Callahan_Dye_Quilt_Red M.Callahan_Studio_Spine_Quilt png

So great, right? I’ve been talking about it for years, but I really do what to learn how to quilt. Like ASAP.

For more of her work, take a look at her blog and follow her on Instagram.

I’m in love with her uber cool quilts and am so anxious to see what other work she does in the future.

For Your Monday

People sunbathe beside a swimming pool in Charlotte, North Carolina, 1941.

Mondays are tough. This we know. I’ve been having a particularly draggy morning, but scrolling through National Geographic’s Tumblr (my all time fave) and seeing this picture of classy people lounging by the pool in Charlotte, North Carolina just exponentially lifted my mood. Yes, on it’s own, it’s just a really cool picture and I will NEVER. IN. MY. LIFE. grow tired of being jealous of old timey swimwear, but more than that, the Southern beauty of the swimming pool against the back drop of what seems to resemble a country club of some sort (perhaps, CCC?) so instantly reminded me of my dear friend, the classiest person that I know or will ever know, and Charlotte native, Frances Claire Barnhardt.

Just a few quick notes about Claire:

She never naps. She “lounges.”
Every article of clothing she owns is labeled with a custom stamp of her name.
Her childhood summers were spent sailing off the coast of North Carolina. (Shout out Camp Seafarer)
She loves a cold glass of Reisling.
Her family are proud owners of a long lineage of purebred miniature schnauzers.
Home-girl wears a robe and slippers. Every morning. Unironically.
Relatives of Claire founded Charlotte, NC. Casual.
Were you in a debutante ball? No. Claire was in two.
Patty Barnhardt Themed Bonus: Her parent’s home in Charlotte has a selection of tiny chairs throughout their home too small for adult humans, but solely for decorative, completely classy, purposes.

I’ll stop there. But believe me, I could go on.

I simply wanted to take a moment today to recognize the Claire and the work she’s done in classing my life up, and perhaps in some small way by merely reading this list, classing yours up too. At any rate, I’d encourage you all to check out Claire’s beautiful work as a maker of fine jewelry and or follow along her fancy life on Instagram. Stay Classy, my friends.

*Honorable Mention to other classy Charlottians I know: Mary Rives Barnhardt and Grace McDeavitt Jorden. Your work is also recognized and appreciated.

via National Geographic