Down the Hall From the Reception Desk

This is my first official Friday round-up since moving from the Reception Desk. Suggestions welcome for a new name. Admittedly, ‘Down the Hall from the Reception Desk’ is a little clunky. But kind of fun, no? I am now a proud member of the Customer Service Team. Hi, I’m Julia. Your friendly neighborhood Customer Service Representative. No assholes please.

Real quick, in the interest of historic preservation, I want to mention that I am constantly and consistently surprised to say that I am loving my new position. I didn’t really think I would hate it, per se, but when the idea was floated for me to move from Receptionist (safe, cozy, routine, blissfully boring, happily noncommittal) to Customer Service (new, very technical, complainy customers, outward facing monitors for everyone to see when I’m actually on Facebook) my first thought was “Have you met me?” I’m the least customer servicey person ever. My default reaction to crisis is never empathy. It’s usually blame. (Listen– I’m not saying I’m proud of that… just calling it like it is). But I felt a little bit like it’d be the world’s most foolish career decision to turn down a promotion to stay as a receptionist for the rest of my life. I took on the new role hoping for the best and expecting that a healthy dose of daily challenges would grow my patience muscle and also teach me way more about the tech world.

Ok, so I’m about two months in at this point and… as mentioned… I’m shocked (still!) whenever I admit the fact that I’m really loving it! So bizarre. SO so so bizarre. I really like the people I work with. I’m learning constantly (something I hadn’t realized I missed so much since leaving school). And, a wonderful encouragement regarding humanity at large is that the people who call in to customer service are actually rarely mean. I’m definitely a rookie and there’s a running joke with my fellow Customer Service Rep that when the entire week comes without asking her a question is officially the week that I need to leave GoldenComm (note that the main implication being that that week will never actually come). But little by little, I’m getting it! And it’s fun! I remember having conversations in college with my friends where I would specifically call out 9-5 jobs with zero creativity having to do with something like tech being my actual worst nightmare. I think perhaps the word “suicide” may have been tossed around. But here I am, doing the EXACT thing that I imagined would be my personal hell and I… love it? Like, I said: Bizarre.

With that being said, is this the dream job that I had envisioned for my life when I was a little girl? No. Is this the dream job that I am envisioning for the rest of my life? No. But it’s kind of my dream job that is so good and perfect for right now. So, I’ll take it. And not just take it, but be grateful for it.

Current fears that are real and that I need to acknowledge, but also are things that I could be working on reconciling:
– With every day that passes, is the creative juice that was once flowing-a-plenty in college currently drying up from my body at the same speed rapid speed as the California Drought?
– Does the fact that I work in tech right now as a 24 year old mean that I’ll have to work in this field for the rest of my life?
– Am I a corporate-yuppie-wannabe sell-out?
– Are my friends who are working in the fields that they studied in college (creative or not) generally more successful people?
– Should I be embarrassed about my job?

I would like to think that the answer to all of those questions is no. But they’re still real things that I think about and want to be somewhat considering so that if/when the time does come for me to move on from this position, I’ll feel bold and confident to move right back into a creative role OR just as proud of myself if I stay in tech forever.

But I’m not worried about that right now. Cause I like m’job.

Ok! Back to the links…

The endlelssly fascinating life of Tasha Tudor

This is what I need to read when I feel like the beginning of my life already happened and that somehow I missed it and that somehow it was also the very last beginning ever.

Been wanting to make this bread for weeks.

Kind of, always, definitely the dream

A non profit shedding an interesting light on the gender pay gap.

Speaking of, an economist’s view on the pay gap thanks to the Freakonomics Podcast.

Adult treehouse/clubhouse yes please thank you.

Let’s talk about this wedding because have you ever seen something in your life seem so effortless and cool all and beautiful all at once?

My grandparents take north of one million vitamins a day and have for most of their lives. Chalk it up to some good genes, but they’re both in their late 80’s and in incredible health. A bit of an expense, but is it time to start this habit?

Things I’m thinking about doing this weekend: planting an office plant. making a bench to put my office plant on. cutting my hair like this.

And with that, I say goodnight and good luck. Thanks for letting me get a little rant-y on here about my social media feelings. I haven’t quite sorted it all out yet in my mind. And I’m not even really sure why I have this feeling that I need. But I’m getting there and I hope what I’m saying is somewhat interesting to you.

May your Friday plans be as you dreamed on Monday morning and not as you feel pressured. That is my wish for you.

P.S. Stay safe out there, East Coasters! I’m usually a fan of all things Jonas, but I like my friends better. Especially when safe and dry.

From the Reception Desk

What’s everyone being for Halloween? I’m dressing up as myself because I don’t like Halloween very much. I’ll be camping in Catalina. To be very honest, at this very moment of exhaustion from a go-go-go kind of week, I’m a little bummed to not be able to sit in my bed and sleep for 48 hours straight, but I know it’s going to be a really fun weekend. It’s just the getting there, you know?

I had some exciting news last week that I was waiting to share until I knew they weren’t going to change their minds– I got a promotion! Adios, reception desk. Hello to Customer Service! The twists and turns of my career path keep coming and I’m excited about the change. A little apprehensive due to the fact that my patience has a tendency to wear thin when interacting with the general public. And also a little scary to be committing more to a role at a company that still involves little to no creativity. A tiny part of me panics that this is a misstep towards my bigger career goals, but a bigger part of me knows that it’s a valuable step and all just a part of the process. This may just be the perfect role for me to be in, I suppose– a learning experience. Allllll a part of that crazy ride called life, mannn…

My main concern is what to now call this series every week… From the Customer Service Desk just doesn’t have the same ring. Suggestions welcome.

Anyway, here are some links from around the web that I think you might like:

Best news I’ve heard ever.

What kind of texter are you? Seeeeeeing myself in some of these. Please see “Sweet!”

Holiday Gift Guide for the framily member with a green thumb. (Ugh. Do I need to be thinking about gifts already?)
Speaking of too soon… Christmas cups!
I realized I loved my friend Susie when she invited me over for crepes on Saturdays in college. This recipe makes me miss her. And makes me hungry.

Ever wonder what kind of dog you should get? I got a miniature schnauzer (I see you, Barnhardts) and poodle.

Never get tired of watching this video of Stevie Nicks singing the original version of Wild Heart. Casual.

Have a great weekend!

Image via

From the Reception Desk

I’ve had a wonderful week and I hope you did too. I’m trying to avoid having this little blurb just be a weather report every week, but I can’t help it. The temperatures are cooler and that is a huge deal to me. This weekend is busy with fun things, but I’m hoping to find time to carve out for just sitting and staring at the wall. One of my all time faves. I’m also on the hunt for a new pair of comfy, vintage denim. It’s been a long road and I haven’t zeroed in on the perfect pair quite yet, but I’m hopeful. Wish me luck.

Enjoy the links!

Major lolz from this article. I think the melon baller may be a bit of a stretch, but besides that, totally spot on.

A big week for music videos. Adele is back (excuse me while I sit in a dark corner and cry for few hours). And so is my boy JB. And… did Drake ever leave?

The most extensive chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever seen. And I’m into it.

Need, need, need

Add this to the long list of “Food White Girls Like.” Can’t wait to try making them.

Going to New York in two weeks (!!!)  and am going to try and squeeze this in. And this.

Plays vs. Novels

Have a great weekend!

Appies and Zerts

I’m not a huge app person. I live and die by my go-tos, but past Instagram, Venmo and Shazam, I never end up remembering anything else I download and new apps just end up sitting on my phone, virtually unused, until I run out of Camera Roll space and I go through a phone cleansing spree.

BUT! Last week, I feel like all I was doing was downloading new and seriously helpful apps. Like an onslaught of tech help, these little guys are already proving fun, helpful and wonderful.

The List App
Have you guys heard of this yet?! Just launched this week by BJ Novak (from The Office and a million other great things). It’s an app that let’s you “Create and share lists about anything and everything.” I’ve spent a little bit of time on it so far and it’s so simple, informative and also kind of silly in a really great way! The layout is sort of Twitter/Facebookish, but just with lists! If you know me at all or have read this blog for a little bit, you know I LOVE a list. I’m so excited to play more with it.

Parabo is an app photo printing service with more design minded products. They offer fun gifty things like books and cool types of tape, but their prints are their bread and butter. I’m v excited to get some of their large scale Risograph Prints made for my new apartment (If I phrase it like that, does it sound like I’m moving out soon instead of just like major TBD vibes?)

This one, unfortunately, is location specific. But if you have a Nekter Juice Bar near you, I’d highly recommend downloading their app. Not only can you place and pay for your order in advance for a quick pickup during your lunch break, but it also keeps track of your order and gives you an easy place to store your “punch-card” rewards. And if liking their Berry Banana Blast Smoothie makes me a basic bitch, then a basic bitch I will be.

(Also, I was thinking about it, and why hasn’t someone invented an app where all of your punch-cards from all of your favorite places can be stored in one place? I mean… that one kind of seems obvious to me. Does that already exist?)

As mentioned, I’ve been keeping an eye on my food intake lately and the MyFitnessPal app has been so key. It tracks all of the numbers and data that I need to stay on track with what I’m eating every day. It’s not the trendiest or prettiest, but dang if it’s not practical. It also has an insane library of nutrition facts for restaurants and food products that I buy from all of the time instead of having to manually enter in the individual ingredients. Time saving. Love it.

Rain, Rain
This one isn’t so new to me, but still worth mentioning. A few months ago, my friends Lauren and Colin visited with their squishy, dimpled baby, Harper. When it was time for Harper’s nap, they set her up in my room and tapped open the Rain, Rain app for soothing sounds of nature. Sound machines are by no means a new idea, but I loved how many types of rain this one offers– summer rain, rain on a tent, thunderstorm, rain on a hot tin roof. Just kidding about that last one… but it should be an option. It also has a timer option that I really like so I can fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the Rain, Rain app and then not have it subsequently wake me a up a few hours later. Sleeping patterns are weird. Still unclear whether or not this app is exclusively for babies and this whole admission is embarrassing, but I can’t fall asleep without mine on now. I love it.

Those are my current faves. What about you?

From the Reception Desk

Guys! We made it to Friday. This week kind of flew by, right? It was in the high 90s earlier this week in Costa Mesa, but for some reason my mind started registering the feeling of Autumn this week and I’m loving it. Maybe I’ve just been looking at too many East Coast Instagram accounts. I’ll take it. This week I got to spend a lot of time with my lady friends– something I’m never not into and I’m feeling #grateful to be surrounded by so many rad ladies. Last night, I had a handful of those ladies over for dinner of street tacos and chocolate chip cookies to celebrate two new jobs and one giant passed test. We talked about boys and watched one my favorites from this year, Far From the Madding Crowd (Oh, heyyyyy, Farmer Oak).

I’m sending this out a little late today, but here are few links to transition you into a hopefully relaxing and cozy fall weekend.

It’s officially PSL season, but I’m way more excited to try this. It sounds like autumn in a cup.

I got a twitter this week (and had my very first twitter rant). And then today, I see this! Which makes total sense because I’M ALWAYS THE LAST TO KNOW.

Officially have a “POSTURE” sticky note on my monitor at work thanks to this article.

Ready for a total time suck? Take me back to 2005.
(Pro-tip: Scroll to the bottom and it will convert into a playlist)

Living in Costa Mesa means that I need another raincoat like I need a kick in the face, but I still can’t resist loving this one.

Need to go to the new Broad Museum. And who’s going with me?

Pretty spot on. Loled at their description for Rum & Coke.

Image via Scandinavian Retreat

From the Reception Desk

Happy Friday, peachy people! I am so ready for this weekend. Like whoa. I’m sleepy. My stomach kind of hurts. And this week has just kind of been mentally a lot. I have a piece of chocolate on my desk that I picked up from our accountant’s candy bowl. It’s supposed to be for emergency use only. It’s supposed to be on my desk until at least 2:00 today. But between you and me, it doesn’t stand a chance at hitting 10:00am. It’s just not going to happen.

Do yourself a favor and listen to a little  ’40’s in the Morning” Pandora. Because Ella Fitzgerald.

Eggs for cat people.

Have you guys heard of this new app, Peeple, that is basically Yelp but for people? People are terrible. We are terrible.

I’m getting mixed reviews from friends, but I seriously need these booties like a bad habit.

Breast Milk and this article about breast milk are incredible. How can we believe anything but that we were created with highest and most intelligent design?

This episode of Burnt Toast (one of my favorite podcasts!) with Ruth Reichl makes me so excited about food. When she talks about food, it’s such an interesting mix of joy and peacefulness that makes me want to listen to her talk about food all day. Also, that thing when people correctly pronounce Duck L’Orange. Like butter. Definitely adding her new book, My Kitchen Year, to my collection.

I think that’s it for this week! But I also wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so supportive this week as I killed you all slowly with the spam that was me talking about the blog. I’m still really excited to make this into an awesome space. Please stick around and keep reading (in case you missed it, there’s a little subscribe button on the left right there). And tell your friends! This whole “getting the blog out there” thing is foreign to me and feels a little self-indulgent. So I’d still love everybody’s help and encouragement with that. If you want to. If not, that’s cool too. But like… please?

Also, the chocolate is gone.

Image via Axel Oswith

From the Reception Desk

‘From the Reception Desk’ is a roundup of world wide web goodness found each week from my number one hobby, my spiritual gift, and the best love language I have to offer: cruising the internet. I’m not saying that I sometimes (always) have a little bit of time (hours) during the workday to let my mouse clicks wander from my reception responsibilities and into the thickety forest of cyberspace… but I’m not saying I don’t either. Am I maybe writing this post from work as we speak? Who’s to say. Listen, at the end of the day, the internet and I have a connection. A WIFI connection. I am not going to apologize for that joke. I standby it almost as fiercely as I do about my decision to never wear the color purple.

Whenever you want to say the word thick, broad, or expansive, use latitudinous instead.

Very interested in making this salad for lunch soon.

This article made me happy for so many reasons. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one in the world not living in Brooklyn/Manhattan (shout out to all my bros in NYC) and I wonder if I’m missing out. It doesn’t seem like he feels like he is. I also love how he found a way to do what he loves, but in a way that works so well for him.

Have I mentioned in the last two minutes that I’m trying to eat healthier lately? Because I am. Very excited to try some of the recipes from Sweet Laurel.

Because llamas and handmade textiles are what my apartment dreams are made of.

I think this is hilarious.

Have a great weekend!