If you’re reading this, you’re a true friend.

This blog has gone from it’s humble beginnings as a summer in New York City tracking device for my mom to a public overshare of college emotions to an old friend I come back to once in a while when I’m feeling writerly, or inspired.

Now that I’m positive that I have lost all of my old readers, I’m picking this baby back up and am now using it as my secret lair to plan for my future retail shop / creative workshop / co-working space called Home Ec (opening date: TBD). Check-in to keep up with all the planning, progress and learning that is surely going to happen while I step into making my dream actually happen.  

(Preserving the below bio… for posterity and because it’s still definitely and mostly true.)

As of January, 2017, I’m using it to ensure my friends don’t block me from our group text. I have an adorable habit of sending a link with an attached plea for them to validate my excitement over anything from a podcast episode to a new type of workout pant. These texts typically garner no response leaving both myself and my friends in no better position than before. This blog is my new group text.