Ok, but seriously. What do I do first?

As mentioned earlier this week, the decision that I have truly been mulling over and will continue to be tortured by is what color to paint the door of my lil shoppie shop. Valid, yes. Imperative, no. 

It’s been about 4 days since my declaration of intent and before we lean too far into “remember that great idea you had?” territory, I’m going to take actions. And in order to take actions, I must figure out what the heck even does one do to open a store? 

…Ok. I’m going to say this here once… because it needs to be stated as an insecurity and a red flag. But then we’re going to leave it behind…

I’ve never worked retail before. Like a day in my life.

No, that’s not true… I worked for the White Dress in Corona del Mar for 2 shifts and then they stopped putting me on the schedule. 

Although there is risk involved in opening literally any business, this is the only part of this whole thing (so far) that I can categorically put in the “Foolish” column. However, I’m holding little judgement to myself here because I am confident that the unique, dare-I-say, one-of-a-kind-ness of this shop lends itself to a pretty self-explanatory model of retail management. Is that sentence just convoluted enough that you’re confused and we can move on? Good. 

That all said, the idea of opening a retail / creative workspace is totally uncharted territory. Which means that my first main objective is to gain information. 

Which brings me to my first step:

Talking to experts. 

I’ve compiled a list of people that I’d like to talk to. This list includes but is not limited to: 

  • Bonafide experts
  • Old people. The older they are, the better. 
  • Young people. “Fearless” idiots like me. 
  • Real Estate people
  • Retail People 
  • Artists
  • Old co-workers
  • People that I know who will tell me I can do anything I want to do
  • People that I know who will tell me that my ideas are bad
  • People that I don’t know. Who might not want to talk to me. 
  • Baristas who I interact with every day and still ask me my name… this has less to do with business development and more with like… IT’S JULIA, YOU IDIOT. 
  • My mom, my sister, my dad. All equally important. All serving very different purposes. 
  • You little freaks. Aunt Sue has been consistently commenting and so far, my ig account is up to 7 people. Pretty sure 3 of them are spammy. I broke down today and texted my friends to tell them to check my blog… so they’re in the secret club now too.  

All this to say… I’m starting to do the work. My current work situation allows me to have Fridays open and my goal is to meet with one person every Friday to continue to learn. But keep asking me about this. Keep commenting. Keep talking to me about it. Because you guys are my friends and if you’re reading this, you care. Even a little bit. But I need people to care! Ok. Bye. Meeting with my first pal today. More on that later. 

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