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This is my 487th great idea. There will surely be 487 more. And then, 487 after that. But hopefully somewhere in between all of those great ideas is success. That’s the goal, right? But in the meantime, I’m living off the buzz of the “this is it” feeling. The “fool proof” feeling. The “Sorry, guys. I can’t come tonight. I have too much to do” phase. The “Sorry, guys, for monopolizing the conversation tonight. I have way too much to say” phase. And dang, does it feel good.

I know not many people still read this little corner of the internet. And maybe the only salvation this lil Bushka has is that newsletter button that I activated a few years ago when this blog was great idea number 164. So, if you’ve received this post through an email, no, it’s not spam. It’s me. Julia. A different Julia than the 17 year old one, spending her first summer away from home in New York (I dare someone to hunt those posts down). A different Julia than the 21 year old one who lived in a cute, yellow house in the south with her best friends and talked a lot about feelings. A different Julia than the one pretending to be working hard as a receptionist, but really was just spending hours and hours and hours reading Man Repeller articles. Although I really like all of them.

I’m Today Julia. Which is a Julia that I’m not going to try and explain over the internet in a few sentences (you gotta take a homie out for coffee to make that happen). But you know, I’m kind of like a better Julia. Or at least I think I am. Which is cool! Because it’s fun to like yourself. Even when you are still not one hundred percent sure of yourself. And are actually way more aware of your flaws than ever before. No – it’s especially cool to like yourself more when you’re more aware of your flaws. That’s better than cool. It’s the best. And very hard earned.

Anyway. More on that later, maybe. But for now. I just wanna say hi to my pals who are still here with me. Because I’m working on some stuff that I’m not totally sure I want to share yet with the whole world. Or, more accurately, my whole world. But I want to share it with the weird little freaks who are still reading this. All 9 of you. Whoever you are. You get to be here with me as I work on the behind the scenes.

This time is for real. Idea 487 is happening.

Should I say it now? Why am I being so cagey? I’m not J.J. Abrams or Beyonce. There don’t have to be secrets. I think I’m being shy because I haven’t quite nailed down the elevator pitch yet. So this is going to be clunky. Bare with me. But let’s work that out here. Ok so…

  • I want to open a creative workspace that also has a retail component that also offers workshops and classes (…and lectures…?) and also has a creative co-working space element…. Ideally next to a coffee shop so it feels like a creative little commune.

Clunky. You wouldn’t invest in that place, would you? Yeah, me neither. Let’s try it again.

  • I’m opening a creative studio that will offer workshops, education, retail as well as rentable (?) studio spaces.

Ok. I think that’s better…. but i’m not like… ugh, YES!!! You know? Let’s give it one more shot and then we’ll shelf it for a few hours (even though I’ll be thinking about it all day obvi).

(Wait. Real quick – I’m at a coffee shop as a type this and the guy next to me just pulled an entire bag of sliced sandwich bread out of his bag. I think it’s cinnamon raisin. Amazing.)

(…Shoot. I just remembered that I forgot my lunch at home. Dang it.)

Ok…. one more and then I’ll tell you what I want to call this whole shebang.

  • I’d like to open up a creative space for our community. It’ll include a million things from educational workshops to retail made by awesome artists/small business owners and will offer creative spaces for other makers to work on their own stuff.

Eh. We’re getting there. We’ll come back to it. Anyway. Does this sound even remotely interesting?! Would you want to hang out there? Would you tell your friends about it? Would you shop there? Because I sure would.

You ready for the name? Because I think this really paints a picture. I’m going to call it “Home Ec.”

…………..PLEASE don’t tell me you hate it………….

(but also… please do. bc this is the time. but be gentle bc I really like it.)

If you have read this far and read this at all, I’m going to give you one more bonus sneaky sneak peak: @homeecshop. It’s an instagram handle. That I can’t believe is available (I’ve sent a nice little note to the guy who is sitting on @homeec… he posts mostly taco photos). I haven’t posted a single photo yet. And I don’t even have a profile photo. YOU could potentially be my very first follower. But that means that you’re here reading this. And that means a lot to me.

I gtg. But I’ll be back here soon. This is my secret Home Ec brainstormy, white board that only we know about.

Ok. Love you. bye.


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