What I’m into Today: This Article About Advice from Your Younger Self

Introduction and also Spoiler alert: a good 65% of the things I find interesting on the internet and share with my friends is from a blog called Cup of Jo. But I didn’t need to tell you that because you probably already read it too. It’s just consistently good and Joanna and her writers feel like friends to me. I have a strict “don’t bug a celebrity in public” policy, but one time in New York, I saw Joanna at a Madewell and HAD to say hi and tell her how much I’ve enjoyed her blog for… well, actually since I was in high school. I still feel bad about it a little bit, but I couldn’t help myself.

Anywho, she posted a collection of pieces of Advice for My Younger Self from a bunch of famous women. This isn’t really a new concept and there are a lot of these on the internet and a lot of them are wonderful too, but this all just is hitting me at a really good time. A lot of unexpected/expected/scary/exciting life changes in this week (even though it’s only Wednesday morning!) have gone down and I feel both a really empowering feeling of capability and a sense of “This is cool! These are big life things and I’m handling them well! I’m an adult lady!” / pat on the back vibes and then also feeling completely out of my league and the child-like desire for someone to tell me what to do. I’m being purposely broad about what exactly is going down because that itself is something I’ve learned along the way and maybe my advice to my younger self: “Shut your mouth. Stop talking. You don’t have to tell everyone everything. Nor should you.”

My favorite of the article is from Sheryl Strayed who said, “Don’t worry so much about finding the answers and finding love and finding success. Just do your work. Live your life. Be kind. Be good. Pay your own electric bill. It’s going to turn out okay.”

AREN’T WE ALL JUST LEARNING AND DOING IT IN A GOOD WAY?  Pretty sure I’m not the only one.

But ok — here’s a link to the article.

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