What I’m into Today: It’s Kind of a Funny Story by MR

My eyes widen and my heart warms when I see that Man Repeller has posted another “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” article.

As single as I am, I have lived enough years and have enough friends with normal, healthy relationships with relationships that I know that love stories in the wild are not like Romantic Comedies. Which bums me out because I love a J Lo / McConaughey combo. But I have learned this. I have accepted it. The guys I don’t like in real life are really the guys I don’t like in real life and not my future husband. My regular coffee shop is just my regular coffee shop… nomatter how much subtle eye-contact I make with the cute non-wedding ring wearing guy reading Tolstoy. Meet cutes don’t really happen. But then again, THEY KIND OF DO! Because if it’s true that real life really is stranger than fiction, then doesn’t that make real life love stories way more romantic than fiction ones?

If you don’t believe me, take a beat and read a few of these *highly detailed* accounts of how these very happy and very cool couples got their start. Because let’s be honest, when you ask someone “So, how’d you two meet?” and they give you the highly unsatisfying and MAYBE KIND OF RUDE TO ME answer “Through friends,” IT’S BULLSHIT. I know, you know, we know, he knows that that is NOT the whole story. It’s never that simple. And, listen, if it is, I’m actually not interested in continuing the conversation. You’re boring. Anyway, we all know that there’s like so much more… I was leaving for school in two weeks, I’d been creeping on him since Freshman Year, We went to 10 years of grade school together but weren’t friends, We dated in secret for months bc of our jobs… maybe all real life examples from my friends… maybe not… I’m just saying.

Go pour yourself a cup of coffee and then spike it with a little bit of alchy, sit down, and dig in. You’ll love them, I swear.

Find them here.

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