What I’m into Today: Bargains

Saving money is never not cool. Can I get an amen? Why spend $100 when you can spend $99? Why spend $50 when you can spend $25?
Ok. So we all agree there. Now, put that thought to the side for a second.
Thought Number Two: I’m on a major “It’s amazing what you can get in life when you simply ask!” kick right now. It. is. crazy. what I’ve been able to swing lately by just asking the questions that I’m usually too shy to ask. The worst they can say is no, right?
Recent examples of me asking on the spot questions that have garnered positive results:
“Waiter, I love this cous cous. Would you mind giving me the recipe?” “Sure!”
“I know you just finished telling me that the only option for me is the get store credit, and I definitely heard you, but instead of store credit, would you please give me cash? I’d much prefer cash.” “Fine. Please leave now.”
“Are you going to throw all of those cupcakes away? I’d be happy to take them off your hands.” “Ok, fatty!”
What’s the point of all of this?
I’m in the midst of buying furniture for my apartment, preparing for my engaged roommate to move out and take her beautiful blue velvet couch with her. This is both stressful and exciting:
Stressful: Money is stressful.
Exciting: Making mood boards for my fictitious future living room is my passion.
My standards are high. My budget is strict. But! With just a little friendliness and asking for the price I want, I’ve saved, to date, $597 !
Couch: 20% off and no tax.
Rug: $124 off and free shipping ! FROM TURKEY !!!
Dining room table and chairs: $300 off !!!!!!!!!
Yes, this post may be coming off a little braggy, but I’m just riding high on that bargain wave. I always say this and then don’t follow through on it, but once again, I’m confirmed in my theory that one should NEVER buy ANYTHING in this world for full price.

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