What I’m into Today: Sheet Pan Chicken and Brussel Sprouts


When I tell you this is the easiest dinner I’ve made this year, I’m telling you: This is the easiest dinner I’ve made this year. (And I’m not being sneaky with the whole “this year has only been this year for 17 days, kind of thing.)

My best friend, Casey, is getting married in July and in the easiest ‘Yes’ I’ve ever given, she asked for me to teach her to cook a little bit as a wedding gift. We’re starting small with easy, healthy, inexpensive meals that can be thrown together after work on a weeknight (she’s a teacher) while also conquering her fear of cooking chicken. This checks all boxes.

We made this last Friday and it was a total win. There are five ingredients and two of them are in the title.

My favorite parts:
– Salty, crispy chicken skin
– Brussel sprouts cooked in flavorful drippings
– One pan for the whole shebang

If Casey can do this, you can do this.

No offense, Case.

Find the recipe here.

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