What I’m into Today: Outdoor Voices


“Honestly, how vastly different could a pair of leggings be from one another?”

Mmm… I remember a time when I was that naive. It was Tuesday. Then I got my OV leggings in the mail. And everything changed.

I’ve been a hypothetical, theoretical fan of Outdoor Voices for a while– never owning a pair, but just talking about them to other people as if I owned a baker’s dozen. But, ever since Lena Dunham first rocked them with body positive bad-assery and then Man Repeller’s Oh Boy Podcast (one of my faves) interviewed their Founder, Tyler Haney, I’ve championed their cause to live a life of “Doing Things.” This mission applies to walking your dog or running a marathon or, and not that I would do this, but watching 14 hours of Netflix straight through only breaking to pee and make platter for one of cheesy pasta, all while in extreme comfortability.

I asked for them for Christmas, but the memo was not received (it’s fine), so I decided to pull the trigger myself and snag a few pairs.

Ok, seriously, I don’t know how to sell you on these besides just to tell you to buy them and find out how magical they are. I feel like I’m wearing Spanx in the best possible way, but without the part of Spanx where you are sweating a little bit after you put them on. Or the part where the Spanx redistribute all of the fat that at one point was in your butt and thighs up to the top of the waistband. No? Just me? Either way, these leggings won’t do that to you.

I can’t say that I have gotten any organic compliments on them yet, but that’s only because I have pointed to them and started to force conversation re: my effortlessly cool, sexy, ample bottom before anyone can say it first. But, I’m sure you know how that is– people (friends, strangers, good-looking, single, Christian men) are never not complimenting my ass, so this is a nice break from that. Letting me start the conversation, you know? Normally, people don’t say it out loud, but I can tell what they’re thinking. Pervs.

(Also, the cool thing is that watching their Instagram videos of other people working out actually counts as a work out for yourself if you’re wearing their leggings while you do it.)

(Also, have you realized that this is three days straight of blogging? Can you believe it!? I’m scared to say this out loud… How do we feel about posting this kind of thing on FB or insta? …No, you’re right, I should wait for two more weeks… and then probably not even then. Right. We’ll talk about it then.)

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