What I’m into Today: Bad with Money

Hi. It’s me, Julia. I’m alive. Can you believe it? You’re alive too! And it’s 2017. I’m currently sitting at my desk at the same job that I was complaining about the last time we talked and everything is simultaneously exactly the same and completely different.

Here are some facts about right now:

2016 is over.
Donald Trump is becoming the president of the United States in 8 days.
Kim Kardashian is on social media again.

I’m keeping my opinions to myself about each of those things. I have opinions. But I’m just exhausted by all of it. We all are. No matter how much you like or dislike Meryl Streep right now, it’s all just tiring.

So, something I do all the time is group text my friends about something I’m excited about. I bet you do that too. We all do. It’s what texting is for. Sometimes they respond. Usually they do not. And I get it. The recipe I found for Curry Hot Chocolate is exciting to me, but they all have boyfriends and jobs and hobbies and lives that are much more serious than mine so their time is precious. Therefore, I remain the only one excited about the Hot Chocolate.

This cycle of inner excitement, immediate sharing, lack of interest, and then said topic getting slowly blown away like a pile of sand happened not five minutes ago. But because I’m a millennial and thoughts that aren’t shared are thoughts that maybe never happened, I feel the need to tell someone about everything. Is this the definition of a blog? I suppose so. So, I put my phone down, opened a new tab on chrome and took a journey back to this blog where I entered my password incorrectly three times before I was allowed entry. I’m starting a new group text and guess what, you’re in it.

This blog has had many lives. Most of which died a slow, death rattle kind of death around 2013, but I think I’m going to use this space to post everyday about the thing I’m into. Sometimes there will be a description. Probably most of the time there won’t be. But here we are.

Today I’m into:

A podcast called “Bad with Money” by Gaby Dunn. It follows a girl… who I would guess is about 27… and her relationship with money. It’s interesting in a sort of voyeuristic way. There are times when I’m listening to it as a 20 something where I totally identify and then there are times when I can’t believe someone her age has such a different view of finances than I do. Sometimes it get’s political and I fast forward through those parts because, as interesting as they may be, as previously mentioned, I’m tired of all of that. At least for a few more weeks.

Sometimes Gaby’s voice can get a little whiny, which I don’t love, but overall, I’m enjoying this podcast.

*Note that these posts are categorized by things I’m “into.” This is strategically not called “What I’m obsessed with today.” And that’s for two reasons. 1. I firmly believe that the word obsessed is grossly overused. 2. I’m not always freaking out in a 100% certain and/or passionate way. I just want to share.

K. That’s it. Happy Wednesday.

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