Let’s start here.

Frankie Valli said it best.

“This is a life of illusion, a life of control
Mixed with confusion – what’re we doin’ here?”

Oh, my dear Frankie. It seems that you and I are grappling with the same questions, my sweet, tiny, Italian boy! Wait, is Frankie Valli still alive?

Things on my mind:

-My job
-Political things. Note the avoidance of the word “politics” bc I’m just so sick of politics, but I’m more interested in talking and thinking about political things. And being a feminist. And liking our country how it is. And wanting to see change. And really hating Donald Trump. But being confused alsooooooooo.
-Hobbies. Creativity. Action items. Goals. All in one steaming pie.
-How badly I don’t want the word “single” to be on this list. But it is. It’s on the list.
-Makeup. Minimalist makeup. No makeup at all. Wearing a ton of makeup and why that’s ok too!
-Upstate New York in the fall
-Long-distance friendships
-Friendships right here right now
-Tattoos! What? Who am I? And how getting a tattoo at a transitional stage of life is like, not the best idea. But is also the exact time to get one, no!?
-Food. Balance. Life being too short to not eat the pasta. And then seeing a photo of an unhealthier you where you’re like “Woah.”


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