Down the Hall from the Reception Desk

Hey-o. It’s Friday, my friends. The week has been conquered and it’s just another brick in the wall until we all bite the dust, but we made it. And we have two whole days to be happy, positive thinking, and well-rested people until Monday comes around and complaining is a thing we do and we start this whole crazy train back up again. The journey of life rolls on. Whether we like it or not. So. That’s something to think about…

On a happier note, I am feeling pretty posi about a lot of things in life. Yes, I remember what I wrote approximately three days ago. No, I have not technically been diagnosed with any sort of personality disorder. What I do know is that I am a woman with a right to feel the feelings I feel.  And if you don’t like it…. well, guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE TO MARRY ME THEN.

(Sidenote: Lately, I’ve really been peeling the paint off of this old truck and revealing a whole lotta emotions on this blog. I don’t hate it. Not sure what you guys think about it because who even knows. I do know that my mom likes it more when I’m quick and funny instead of grey and melancholy. I understand her point, but I tend to feel a little bit more loosey-goosey on where I think that Overshare Line really lives. Plus, according to my analytics that WordPress so handily provides me, it seems that about 20 of you are reading this. Which is basically about the size of a small classroom. And I definitely remember oversharing with people in my class alllll through school and people being really chill about it, so, I feel like this is a safe place. Wanted to touch on that, real quick in case anyone was interested on my thought process there.)

Anywho, here are a few things that I like on the internet and beyond this week.

Virtually forwarding this to every single post-grad female I know. Must read.

Spring uniform. 

Very much encouraging everyone I know to please listen to the most recent episode of the Burnt Toast Podcast called “Fat isn’t bad, Stupid is bad” bc that will prevent me from explaining it to you in tedious detail like I did for hours with my mom and my sister last weekend. Basically, Nutritious>Healthy. Can I get an amen?

Spent some real real time going back and reading this series on Man Repeller. Kind of my all time favorite thing to know about people are the nitty gritty details of how they fell in love with their person.

“What ever happened to all of TV’s most famous couples?” The answer will shock you. 

Actually couldn’t love Aidy Bryant more.

Actually couldn’t love Aidy Bryant more: Part II. 

Just bought this jacket which was definitely a smart financial move and makes total sense because it’s 80 degrees here right now. Real excited to force-wear it and sweat all over you.

Not to brag or anything, but I made ricotta last night and it was rull easy and rull delicious.

Ok, well, that’s it from me, but if you’re ever going to listen to anything I say, listen to this: please do something fun this weekend. Be a little bit selfish. Not selfish in a sinful way that will hurt people. But selfish in the way that lets go of whatever weird guilt society has encouraged us to feel when we want to stay and bed and read a book or spend hours going on a walk when you probably should be cleaning your house or doing homework or cleaning your andirons– and you probably don’t even have andirons!


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