Down the Hall From the Reception Desk

This is my first official Friday round-up since moving from the Reception Desk. Suggestions welcome for a new name. Admittedly, ‘Down the Hall from the Reception Desk’ is a little clunky. But kind of fun, no? I am now a proud member of the Customer Service Team. Hi, I’m Julia. Your friendly neighborhood Customer Service Representative. No assholes please.

Real quick, in the interest of historic preservation, I want to mention that I am constantly and consistently surprised to say that I am loving my new position. I didn’t really think I would hate it, per se, but when the idea was floated for me to move from Receptionist (safe, cozy, routine, blissfully boring, happily noncommittal) to Customer Service (new, very technical, complainy customers, outward facing monitors for everyone to see when I’m actually on Facebook) my first thought was “Have you met me?” I’m the least customer servicey person ever. My default reaction to crisis is never empathy. It’s usually blame. (Listen– I’m not saying I’m proud of that… just calling it like it is). But I felt a little bit like it’d be the world’s most foolish career decision to turn down a promotion to stay as a receptionist for the rest of my life. I took on the new role hoping for the best and expecting that a healthy dose of daily challenges would grow my patience muscle and also teach me way more about the tech world.

Ok, so I’m about two months in at this point and… as mentioned… I’m shocked (still!) whenever I admit the fact that I’m really loving it! So bizarre. SO so so bizarre. I really like the people I work with. I’m learning constantly (something I hadn’t realized I missed so much since leaving school). And, a wonderful encouragement regarding humanity at large is that the people who call in to customer service are actually rarely mean. I’m definitely a rookie and there’s a running joke with my fellow Customer Service Rep that when the entire week comes without asking her a question is officially the week that I need to leave GoldenComm (note that the main implication being that that week will never actually come). But little by little, I’m getting it! And it’s fun! I remember having conversations in college with my friends where I would specifically call out 9-5 jobs with zero creativity having to do with something like tech being my actual worst nightmare. I think perhaps the word “suicide” may have been tossed around. But here I am, doing the EXACT thing that I imagined would be my personal hell and I… love it? Like, I said: Bizarre.

With that being said, is this the dream job that I had envisioned for my life when I was a little girl? No. Is this the dream job that I am envisioning for the rest of my life? No. But it’s kind of my dream job that is so good and perfect for right now. So, I’ll take it. And not just take it, but be grateful for it.

Current fears that are real and that I need to acknowledge, but also are things that I could be working on reconciling:
– With every day that passes, is the creative juice that was once flowing-a-plenty in college currently drying up from my body at the same speed rapid speed as the California Drought?
– Does the fact that I work in tech right now as a 24 year old mean that I’ll have to work in this field for the rest of my life?
– Am I a corporate-yuppie-wannabe sell-out?
– Are my friends who are working in the fields that they studied in college (creative or not) generally more successful people?
– Should I be embarrassed about my job?

I would like to think that the answer to all of those questions is no. But they’re still real things that I think about and want to be somewhat considering so that if/when the time does come for me to move on from this position, I’ll feel bold and confident to move right back into a creative role OR just as proud of myself if I stay in tech forever.

But I’m not worried about that right now. Cause I like m’job.

Ok! Back to the links…

The endlelssly fascinating life of Tasha Tudor

This is what I need to read when I feel like the beginning of my life already happened and that somehow I missed it and that somehow it was also the very last beginning ever.

Been wanting to make this bread for weeks.

Kind of, always, definitely the dream

A non profit shedding an interesting light on the gender pay gap.

Speaking of, an economist’s view on the pay gap thanks to the Freakonomics Podcast.

Adult treehouse/clubhouse yes please thank you.

Let’s talk about this wedding because have you ever seen something in your life seem so effortless and cool all and beautiful all at once?

My grandparents take north of one million vitamins a day and have for most of their lives. Chalk it up to some good genes, but they’re both in their late 80’s and in incredible health. A bit of an expense, but is it time to start this habit?

Things I’m thinking about doing this weekend: planting an office plant. making a bench to put my office plant on. cutting my hair like this.

And with that, I say goodnight and good luck. Thanks for letting me get a little rant-y on here about my social media feelings. I haven’t quite sorted it all out yet in my mind. And I’m not even really sure why I have this feeling that I need. But I’m getting there and I hope what I’m saying is somewhat interesting to you.

May your Friday plans be as you dreamed on Monday morning and not as you feel pressured. That is my wish for you.

P.S. Stay safe out there, East Coasters! I’m usually a fan of all things Jonas, but I like my friends better. Especially when safe and dry.

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