From the Reception Desk

I’m house-sitting for a friend’s family this weekend, so if you’re looking for me, I’ll be under a blanket either reading this or listening to this. OR if things get real nuts, maybe I’ll do both at the same time. Ugh that sounds so nice. 5:00, hurry your little booty up. What are you doing this weekend?

In case you just wanted to send an ‘I love you’ gift. I love this idea.

Couldn’t be more excited about Herriott Grace’s new shop products. Beautiful hand made pieces that you’ll have forever.

Friendships change. Makes me sad. But very true.

Maybe the best cabin ever.

The Staves + Springsteen = My Musical Taste’s Sweet Spot

Norwegian strategy for long winters.

Been talking about forming a Once-a-Month New Restaurant Club for over a year now and after looking at these pictures of the best sandwiches in LA, I’m getting real serious about it. Now accepting new members.

Weather Report: The temperature dropped significantly this week to the point where I found myself having a little “Be careful what you wish for” moment. To combat the chill, I have been dressing in what some may consider over-the-top winter clothes for California standards and have since garnered the reputation from my coworkers of someone who can’t handle the proverbial winter heat, if you will. With that being said, this weekend is supposed to crawl back up into the 80’s where I will promptly begin to complain again. Never meteorologically satisfied. This is my curse.

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