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What are you doing this weekend? I’ve had a busy week of social busyness that is about to turn into a weekend of social busyness. As discussed, my freshly diagnosed introvert brain wants to just be like Red wine and Scandal, but my rusty extroverted feetsies are telling me put my bra back on and go be a champ. I’m going to a Friends-giving Party tonight, which will be wonderful. I made these bars and also this old Ina standby to contribute to the smorgasbord. Ugh. I love this time of year just so so much.

I’ve been a little slack on my blogging schedule since I came back from NYC, but it’s not for lack of trying! I have three drafted posts in the queue and just haven’t had to time to sit down and flush them out to post. In the meantime, here’s a little Friday Link goodness.

Speaking of, here’s a long one about Ina (and Jeffrey! Swoon). Ugh. She’s kind of the all time best.

Just the coolest.

Embarrassing to think about how much I spent on art school when all along, I could’ve just been a tiny, 5 year old prodigy.

Can’t stop listening to this song. Or this band. They have a very Surrogate Mother sound/vibe.

Speaking of cool people and cool music, my friend Adam’s (and also, boyfriend of bestie, Spencer) band Triathalon released their new CD today: Nothing Bothers Me. I’ve been playing it all day.

Also, I wish I was as cool as Joanna Newsom.

And just in case I’ve tricked you into thinking that I only listen to high brow, alternative, pretentious people music, believe (or should I say Belieb) me when I say, there is much excitement regarding the double whammy release of both Purpose (Justin Bieber) and Made in the A.M. (One Direction). Let me reiterate and emphasize: There. Is. Much. Excitement. And in case you wanted to read a more in-depth comparison, read this.

The downsides of living in the Golden State. Don’t even get me started.

An interesting article about the Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland. On that same note, did you see this teacher’s resignation letter? REMINDER: THEY’RE JUST KIDS!

Where is all of your donated clothing going? And is it really helping anyone?

I’ve also decided that I’m going begin giving my weekly thoughts on the weather. Because I’m going to talk about it either way. So, why not just break it into a small paragraph that you can decide to completely skip. Or not.

Weather: New York’s fall crispiness was the perfect taunt for an East Coast Autumn. Thankfully, coming back to California wasn’t as painful as it would have been if the weather was still in the 80’s like it had been when I left. This week has been low 60’s and holding. My sweater shelf has gotten a lot of play and for that reason, I am a generally happy person.

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