From the Reception Desk

What’s everyone being for Halloween? I’m dressing up as myself because I don’t like Halloween very much. I’ll be camping in Catalina. To be very honest, at this very moment of exhaustion from a go-go-go kind of week, I’m a little bummed to not be able to sit in my bed and sleep for 48 hours straight, but I know it’s going to be a really fun weekend. It’s just the getting there, you know?

I had some exciting news last week that I was waiting to share until I knew they weren’t going to change their minds– I got a promotion! Adios, reception desk. Hello to Customer Service! The twists and turns of my career path keep coming and I’m excited about the change. A little apprehensive due to the fact that my patience has a tendency to wear thin when interacting with the general public. And also a little scary to be committing more to a role at a company that still involves little to no creativity. A tiny part of me panics that this is a misstep towards my bigger career goals, but a bigger part of me knows that it’s a valuable step and all just a part of the process. This may just be the perfect role for me to be in, I suppose– a learning experience. Allllll a part of that crazy ride called life, mannn…

My main concern is what to now call this series every week… From the Customer Service Desk just doesn’t have the same ring. Suggestions welcome.

Anyway, here are some links from around the web that I think you might like:

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Never get tired of watching this video of Stevie Nicks singing the original version of Wild Heart. Casual.

Have a great weekend!

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