Wish List: iPhone Case

For years, I had a great iPhone case. A real conversation starter. I got it in the dollar section of Target. It had green edges and and illustration of an ear and big, fat side-burn on it. So, when you held it up to your right ear it was supposed to look like you had a big, fat side-burn. But I’m a girl. And girls aren’t supposed to have side-burns. So it was funny. Get it? I also saw it on a BuzzFeed List of “The Top 10 Douchiest iPhone Cases” which made me only love it more.

It eventually cracked one too many times and I came to terms with the fact that it was time to get a new case. I went back to Target hoping to have a similar experience and find my soulmate case 2.0. But unfortunately, I made a panic purchase and got a simple Navy and Red case. It’s fine. I’ve tried to bond with it, but it just feels like someone else’s phone when I look at it, you know?

So I’m on the hunt.

I love these artful cases by Julia Kostreva. Feminine (can I use that word to describe an iPhone case?) and not overly complicated.

Julia-Kostreva--iPhone-6-Case-Indigo-Ombre-in-Nude--0_4766282d-7447-472b-bfb5-cfd351c878cc Julia-Kostreva--iPhone-6-Case-Spotted-Dot-Black--0Never not loving every single thing Rifle Paper does. I know everyone and their mom has this case, but it’s because it’s adorable.


This Ban.do one just makes me happy. iPhone6_BrushStroke_004_grande

I also love these illustrative cases from Leah Reena Goren (love pretty much anything she does!) and Sonix10965762_40600602015-10-21_1147

I feel like I am growing out of my phase of spending money on completely superfluous things like iPhone cases, until I am reminded of my recent “investment” on yoga socks. So there’s that. Maybe I’ll be getting one of these cases sooner than I would like to admit.

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