World’s Easiest and Most Delicious Salmon Ever

Ok– first of all, is this becoming a food blog? Because it kind of feels like it right now. Lately I’ve been all like “I love healthy food!” “Surprise– I’m dating spaghetti squash!” I don’t know. We’ll see. It’s weird.

All I know is that cooking salmon makes me feel like a freaking adult. When I was in college, and someone was cooking salmon for dinner, it was always met with a raised eyebrow look that silently said “Yo. Respect.” or a verbal response of someone else in the kitchen saying,”Ugh. I need to make salmon more often.” And then the person cooking the salmon being like, “You really should.” in earnest encouragement. It was almost like telling someone to call their grandparents more often. #salmonculture amiright?

Fast forward to last night when I looked in the fridge. I see salmon. I see butter. I see success. So I go to my favorite cookbook, Google, and type four magical words: “salmon butter recipe easy”

What is returned to me is the world’s most perfect recipe hug from my close friend, the one and only Martha Stewart. (I love when you’re reading an article and the writer includes the phrase “my close friend” when introducing someone really fancy. It’s such a casual and obnoxious way to brag. I’m going to start doing that on here very often.) I knew this recipe was perfect when I read that there were only five ingredients:

Salmon. Duh.
Butter. Yes, please.
Salt, Pepper. A given.
Parsley No thanks.

I’m going to link to the recipe, but just to prove how disgustingly easy this recipe is to make, I’m going to boil it down to all you really need to know:

Oven at 475. Melt the butter in the oven on a cookie sheet for one minute. Put the salmon on the pan. Healthily sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Cook it for like 10 minutes.

And then eat it.

Suddenly, you’re a fancy, adult lady eating salmon for dinner.

For posterity: Recipe here.

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