Appies and Zerts

I’m not a huge app person. I live and die by my go-tos, but past Instagram, Venmo and Shazam, I never end up remembering anything else I download and new apps just end up sitting on my phone, virtually unused, until I run out of Camera Roll space and I go through a phone cleansing spree.

BUT! Last week, I feel like all I was doing was downloading new and seriously helpful apps. Like an onslaught of tech help, these little guys are already proving fun, helpful and wonderful.

The List App
Have you guys heard of this yet?! Just launched this week by BJ Novak (from The Office and a million other great things). It’s an app that let’s you “Create and share lists about anything and everything.” I’ve spent a little bit of time on it so far and it’s so simple, informative and also kind of silly in a really great way! The layout is sort of Twitter/Facebookish, but just with lists! If you know me at all or have read this blog for a little bit, you know I LOVE a list. I’m so excited to play more with it.

Parabo is an app photo printing service with more design minded products. They offer fun gifty things like books and cool types of tape, but their prints are their bread and butter. I’m v excited to get some of their large scale Risograph Prints made for my new apartment (If I phrase it like that, does it sound like I’m moving out soon instead of just like major TBD vibes?)

This one, unfortunately, is location specific. But if you have a Nekter Juice Bar near you, I’d highly recommend downloading their app. Not only can you place and pay for your order in advance for a quick pickup during your lunch break, but it also keeps track of your order and gives you an easy place to store your “punch-card” rewards. And if liking their Berry Banana Blast Smoothie makes me a basic bitch, then a basic bitch I will be.

(Also, I was thinking about it, and why hasn’t someone invented an app where all of your punch-cards from all of your favorite places can be stored in one place? I mean… that one kind of seems obvious to me. Does that already exist?)

As mentioned, I’ve been keeping an eye on my food intake lately and the MyFitnessPal app has been so key. It tracks all of the numbers and data that I need to stay on track with what I’m eating every day. It’s not the trendiest or prettiest, but dang if it’s not practical. It also has an insane library of nutrition facts for restaurants and food products that I buy from all of the time instead of having to manually enter in the individual ingredients. Time saving. Love it.

Rain, Rain
This one isn’t so new to me, but still worth mentioning. A few months ago, my friends Lauren and Colin visited with their squishy, dimpled baby, Harper. When it was time for Harper’s nap, they set her up in my room and tapped open the Rain, Rain app for soothing sounds of nature. Sound machines are by no means a new idea, but I loved how many types of rain this one offers– summer rain, rain on a tent, thunderstorm, rain on a hot tin roof. Just kidding about that last one… but it should be an option. It also has a timer option that I really like so I can fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the Rain, Rain app and then not have it subsequently wake me a up a few hours later. Sleeping patterns are weird. Still unclear whether or not this app is exclusively for babies and this whole admission is embarrassing, but I can’t fall asleep without mine on now. I love it.

Those are my current faves. What about you?

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