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Guys! We made it to Friday. This week kind of flew by, right? It was in the high 90s earlier this week in Costa Mesa, but for some reason my mind started registering the feeling of Autumn this week and I’m loving it. Maybe I’ve just been looking at too many East Coast Instagram accounts. I’ll take it. This week I got to spend a lot of time with my lady friends– something I’m never not into and I’m feeling #grateful to be surrounded by so many rad ladies. Last night, I had a handful of those ladies over for dinner of street tacos and chocolate chip cookies to celebrate two new jobs and one giant passed test. We talked about boys and watched one my favorites from this year, Far From the Madding Crowd (Oh, heyyyyy, Farmer Oak).

I’m sending this out a little late today, but here are few links to transition you into a hopefully relaxing and cozy fall weekend.

It’s officially PSL season, but I’m way more excited to try this. It sounds like autumn in a cup.

I got a twitter this week (and had my very first twitter rant). And then today, I see this! Which makes total sense because I’M ALWAYS THE LAST TO KNOW.

Officially have a “POSTURE” sticky note on my monitor at work thanks to this article.

Ready for a total time suck? Take me back to 2005.
(Pro-tip: Scroll to the bottom and it will convert into a playlist)

Living in Costa Mesa means that I need another raincoat like I need a kick in the face, but I still can’t resist loving this one.

Need to go to the new Broad Museum. And who’s going with me?

Pretty spot on. Loled at their description for Rum & Coke.

Image via Scandinavian Retreat

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