Spaghetti Squash: A Love Story.

Girl loves Pasta.
Girl gets burned by Pasta one time too many and decides to go 100 days without Pasta.
She needs a break.
It takes a few false starts, but she finally ends all communication.
At first it’s so hard.
But slowly, she begins to find herself in the wonders of getting rid of the junk in her life.
She sleeps better.
She has more energy.
She feels lighter.
She feels great.
It feels like years since she’s been able to look at herself in the mirror and truly be proud of the woman she sees.
Her friends are thrilled and supportive.
They always liked Pasta, but knew that he wasn’t good for her.
He had too much baggage.
And he made her feel terrible about herself.
They rejoice at the fact that they never hear her complaining anymore about random stomach aches Pasta was giving her.
She never has to find excuses to leave when they’re hanging out because of something he’s done to her.
It’s been a while since she was out on her own like this.
Weeks go by.
This is her new normal.
But something is still missing.
When she feels ready, she decides to take a chance and go out with someone new.
It’s someone her friends have been telling her about for years.
Spaghetti Squash.
Apparently, everybody loves him.
“Just like Pasta, but so much less hurt,” They say.
“Super easy to make, comforting, and loves Autumn– just like you,” They say.
“You deserve this!” They say.
“He’ll be so good for you!” They say.

“I like a bad boy,” She says.
“He’s too safe,” She says.
“We literally have nothing in common,” She says.
Secretly, she wonders if she deserves a relationship so healthy in her life.
But she’s ready to try anything.
Lately, she’s been missing her old flame.
Sometimes finds herself stalking him on the internet.
She’s pissed at seeing all the new girls he’s hooking up with, but not surprised at all.
He’s such a slut.
She sort of feels jealous of his new ladies, but also feels bad because she knows they’ll eventually get hurt too.
“Run! Before it’s too late!” She mentally screams at the screen.
It takes a little bit of scheduling to get Spaghetti Squash on the calendar.
He’s super popular and very busy.
She’s still been playing hard to get, but really, she’s intimidated and doesn’t want to actually commit.
It’s almost that she’s afraid that she’ll like him as much as everyone knows she will.
When she googles him, she’s encouraged when she finds only good things.
So many mutual friends with nothing but positive things to say.
They finally agree on a day.
She tells all her friends she’s dreading it.
She tells them it’s never going to be the same as it was with Pasta.
She knows that’s what everyone says, even though it’s rarely ever true.
But nobody understands what a strong connection they had.
It was truly one for the ages.
Romeo and Juliette. Aly and Noah. Jessica and Nick. Winona and Johnny.
They tell her “You never know. What’s the worst that could happen? You try something new once and then you never have to try it again.”
The day comes.
She would never admit it, but she’s excited.
She puts on her best sauce.
The one that’s never let her down.
It feels familiar.
She spend three hours simmering as their date approaches.
She feels ready.
Finally, they meet.She takes a bite.
It is different than what she’s known.
But in a good way.
Feels like home.
And he was right there all along.
She’s excited to see where this goes.

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