From the Reception Desk

Happy Friday, peachy people! I am so ready for this weekend. Like whoa. I’m sleepy. My stomach kind of hurts. And this week has just kind of been mentally a lot. I have a piece of chocolate on my desk that I picked up from our accountant’s candy bowl. It’s supposed to be for emergency use only. It’s supposed to be on my desk until at least 2:00 today. But between you and me, it doesn’t stand a chance at hitting 10:00am. It’s just not going to happen.

Do yourself a favor and listen to a little  ’40’s in the Morning” Pandora. Because Ella Fitzgerald.

Eggs for cat people.

Have you guys heard of this new app, Peeple, that is basically Yelp but for people? People are terrible. We are terrible.

I’m getting mixed reviews from friends, but I seriously need these booties like a bad habit.

Breast Milk and this article about breast milk are incredible. How can we believe anything but that we were created with highest and most intelligent design?

This episode of Burnt Toast (one of my favorite podcasts!) with Ruth Reichl makes me so excited about food. When she talks about food, it’s such an interesting mix of joy and peacefulness that makes me want to listen to her talk about food all day. Also, that thing when people correctly pronounce Duck L’Orange. Like butter. Definitely adding her new book, My Kitchen Year, to my collection.

I think that’s it for this week! But I also wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so supportive this week as I killed you all slowly with the spam that was me talking about the blog. I’m still really excited to make this into an awesome space. Please stick around and keep reading (in case you missed it, there’s a little subscribe button on the left right there). And tell your friends! This whole “getting the blog out there” thing is foreign to me and feels a little self-indulgent. So I’d still love everybody’s help and encouragement with that. If you want to. If not, that’s cool too. But like… please?

Also, the chocolate is gone.

Image via Axel Oswith

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