Wish List: Instrmnt Watch

In college, my style was all color, color, and more color. Multi-colored giraffe-print dress: Check. MULTIPLE pieces in canary yellow: Check. Long-sleeve, floor-length Impala or Button-Up BBQ printed dresses: Check and Check. With each piece a memory (summer in NYC, Ralph Lauren interview, Grace’s Bachelorette Party, Graduation), all that pizzazz, color and allowance for art school encouraged sartorial risks had a hard time making the transition with me back to casual, never ever want to look like you care Southern California.

Immediately after college, there was the six month obligatory “what am I doing with my life” phase (as if that phase was only six months…), which mostly consisted of a whoooole lotta black, navy and gray. Then the “freelance” phase: hello, pajamas — goodbye, bras. And now, the receptionist phase. It’s still finding itself, but I feel like I’ve found my stride in this, as my friend and coworker, Kelly, calls it “Snappy/Casual” atmosphere. I’ve settled into a little more subtle of a color palette, while still adding just enough quirk to feel like myself– just casual enough that I feel comfortable wearing a lot of the things I already own, but gussied up enough to feel like I’m getting ready to actually go somewhere every day. When I shop now, I go for the strategy of less buying, more quality. The whole thing is very grown up. And because I didn’t really have to go “work clothes” shopping at all, I wonder if I’ll be able to look back and identify this phase with a certain piece or outfit. Which is why I NEED this watch.

It’s made by Instrmnt and all of their watches are made in Glasgow and crafted in Bavaria. So the watch you buy has already had quite a life before it even ends up with it’s owner. I love the large face and how androgynous it is. I think it would be the perfect addition to my daily ensemble and give me the professional edge that I need. Just kidding. I’m a receptionist. But hey– dress for the job you want, right?

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