Looking Forward

The end of melancholy
Ukulele lessons
Moving out of my parents house
Giving more time to others selflessly
Visiting Savannah
Seeing Grace and Ben get married
Seeing Frances and Zach get married
Seeing Sarah and Wesley get married
Creeping on other people get married (thanks, wedding hashtags)
Growing Julia Patton Dressmaker (more on this later)
Starting new work
Facing new challenges; the mental kind, the physical kind, the sewing kind, and, where would this blog be without the emotional kind?
Taking more pictures?
Going on more dates?
Let’s throw a road trip in there at least once, please
Let’s also throw some good parties
Visting Almanor
I want to be in New York at least once
Saving all sorts of money
Cooking more
Buying less
Blogging more
Simplifying life
Creating new

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