Rebel Yell

Starting to believe that I’m going through my rebellious teen years right now. Except without peer pressure of recreational drug use,  sneaking out  to hang out with boys from the fast crowd, and drinking cheap beer at a strangers house.
I’d be game for sneaking out if the opportunity presented itself.
But no. 
In recent months, I’ve been super into the idea of quitting things and into making executive, possibly ill-advised decisions all on my own. Into making announcements instead of asking questions. 
Maybe this is less of being rebellious and more of being a grown up. Besides the quitting.
It’s too hot to wear leather. 
Super into being proud of myself.
Super into in Indian food.
I’m interested in having a desk with a view. Even if that view is just my own backyard.
Especially if that view is just my own backyard.

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