I’m not much of a networker. I don’t even like the word networking. I prefer the less threatening, less mature, but more pop-culturally relevant self-coined term of net-twerking). I feel sleazy and opportunistic when I talk about myself and my work or the fact that I am in need of work. With that being said, I feel that since you are all reading this blog by choice and therefore might be interested, I will share my professional victories and failures with you as friends and comrades in the fight for my future. 

So! Did you know that I’ve updated my website? Did you even know that I have a website? 
I did! And I do! 
And it has a lot of my work on it! 
Being the baby adult professional that I am, I have recently made a whole bunch of fancy net-twerking tools to have on hand like business cards and printed resumes on linen-y paper and a portfolio and leave behinds. It’s quite surreal to be able to have a physical and visual representation of all of the work that you’ve spent the last four years working on and… if I’m being honest, I am proud of myself. 
The link for my website has actually been on this blog for a while, but I felt that it might be necessary to call it out since it is now officially finished (for now) and has some new work on it. Anyway, if you would like to check it out the link is  I hope you like it!

PS– the beautiful and cool photos of my work that are on the website were either taken by Kara Reichart or Oli Latinovich. Who are both crazy talented. 

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