Middle of February

Olivia Latinovich brightens days and makes me wonder what could have been if I had ever been cool enough to be a cheerleader in high school. Never did have the ankle strength for that life though.  
These are two snapshots from a Sunday evening in my living room with not much narrative and nothing much to explain, but it’s just like… who knew that pajamas, a reluctant reading of prose, a tupperware full of un-refridgerated parmesan cheese and these two class acts just really sum up the tone of my life right now and I never want things to change ever.
Chalk this one up to: “Things you see in Savannah, Georgia.” 
And also: “Things you need to start appreciating now because it just hit you this week that graduation is officially 95 days away and although you have no idea what you’re doing after that, you ain’t gonna be here for much longer.”

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