I had my first big girl interview last week and this is what I wore. For memorial purposes, I felt it deserved a full length, this is how I looked in college, maybe eventually show your kids, ‘I remember buying this dress for the interview and absolutely loving it and now I can’t believe I ever wore something so hideous, but hey, it was super cool in 2014’ kind of photo. The kind I never ever take. I feel the interview went as well as a 10 minute interview could go– especially after I wasted like two of those 10 minutes making weird small talk about m&m’s. I felt pretty and I was proud of myself so after the interview I had an iced mocha.
Let’s talk a little more about this though. Interviewing is so (emphasis on so) weird. And talking about it  is even weirder. You want to tell people about the interview, but you also don’t want to tell anyone about the interview. You want to think you did well in the interview, but unless you get hired, which has yet to happen, it is clear to everyone that you did/didn’t tell about the interview that you, in fact, did not do like that well in the interview. You start mentally furnishing your apartment in the city of said company, but you’re also like, that’s crazy. You want to get a job in fashion, but you are also terrified of getting a job in fashion. 
The other day I watched like 9 episodes in a row of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (so good) and in one of them Jerry is interviewing Howard Stern (I know. But it’s still true what he said..) and Jerry asked Howard why he’d never left radio to do anything more flashy or public. Howard said because all he really wanted to do is make the announcement and not actually do the work. Which made me think. I’m so excited about the announcement (i.e. I GOT HIRED! or I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK! etc.), but past that, I have essentially no real understanding of what happens. Which to me is the perfect explanation of the interview process. I feel like I’m just working to be hired instead of working to find a path that excites me. I want to be careful and cognizant of that through this process so that I don’t find myself more excited for the announcement than the actual task of working at whatever job I may be applying for. 

(PS- didn’t get the job at the aforementioned interview, so, for the record, I am still very much looking for a job. And in case you are reading this and want to hire me, Hello, my name is Julia Patton and I am a fashion major as the Savannah College of Art and Design, expected to graduate this coming May and I am very interested in possible future career opportunities with your company.)

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