I don’t think I articulated it very clearly on Sunday, but I’m trying to blog every day this week. 
Ok, so, with that being said, I never thought it would be possible to be out of blogging shape, but here I am, all sore and uncomfortable from yesterday’s sputtery, brown watered, faucet of a post. I turned that baby on full force and just let that water run.
And now I’m mixing metaphors. Pull it together, Patton. 
The point is that I have less to give today and for reasons too boring to explain and for perhaps the first time in months, I truly have nothing to get done today. Which should be great. But I’ve forgotten what my hobbies are besides sewing (which I’m trying to give myself a break from) and cooking (which requires money and fridge space– of which, I have neither) and reading a book (just finished one this morning- spoiler alert: they break up in the end) and exercising (which, let’s face it, has never really been one of my hobbies). 
Solution: Make playlist.

I never can quite read the room when I post these playlists and I wonder if anyone ever listens to them, but I like stumbling upon them when I look back at old posts. Also though, I’ve become much more confident in embracing the very parents-y/yacht rock/country vibe that is my music taste. Essentially, it bothers me less that I’m not a huge like… I don’t know… Imagine Dragons fan or something. Not that I’m above pop music. I like what I like and I like that I like it, ya know?

Oh! So random, but I just saw on Facebook that Nickel Creek is reuniting. Does anyone care about this as much as I do? I really used to like them. I really like/love the sound of a mandolin. Anyway. Here is my playlist. 

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