Snow Day

Matching beanies
Savannah Restaurant Week
Tiny icicles
Ice galore
This whole week has felt sort of special. Last Friday was a huge critique day for my Senior project (I swear I’m going to explain my concept on here at some point before I graduate) that went smoothly enough for reason to reward myself with a bit of a break in the constant work schedule this weekend. 
Then, odd weather has put a bit of a chill in the Savannah air and, as previously mentioned, school was cancelled for the day which allowed me to be the 7 year old kid from a snowy city that I never got to be  growing up in Southern California (read: today, I am letting myself be a total spaz with absolutely no apologies). 
Yesterday as prep for this day of frozen bliss, Claire, Spencer and I all invested in matching beanies–  because we weren’t obnoxious enough best friends already. Last night we went to a fancy shmancy dinner at Alligator Soul to take advantage of Savannah Restaurant Week and then played games way past my Tuesday night bedtime. My iPhone weather app promised me snow at 6:00 sharp this morning so when I woke up uncharacteristically late at 8:30, I jumped out of bed worried that I missed the big show. My fears were calmed when I saw the thinnest, most delicate layer of dusty, white frost coating my back port and the tips of the palm fronds in our backyard. Not quite snow, but enough weather for me to sink my teeth into and get to wear the gloves and parka I bought freshman year when I thought that moving to the East Coast meant freezing temperatures (I didn’t quite do enough research of Southern heat patterns). I’ve heard the naysayers and I know that this 31 degree weather is child’s play in comparison to the frozen tundra of northern states, but I’m simply thrilled about it all. 
Today has been filled with loungey conversation, movies in the middle of the day, bundled walks in the late afternoon, and now, gearing up for a homemade dinner of mostly carbs. I can say, with a heart of joy and rosy cheeks, that I have had the most perfect first and last snow day that I could’ve ever asked for. 
On top of all of this, it should be noted that I’m having a great hair day. 

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