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For historical archiving purposes I just wanna say:
At this point in my life, I’m eating more spaghetti than I ever have before.
More specifically, in a yellow bowl.
Future Julia, do you remember this? Think hard. But don’t be sad if you can’t. It doesn’t mean that all of the memories of your fruitful youth are yet lost.
*After uploading this post, I texted this to my roommates: “My blog is becoming less about me doing cool things and more about me being bored.” And frankly, I’ve never been more right.

I mean, the fact that I just made a gif for the first time ever on this blog just says a lotРa gif of myself eating spaghetti, no less.  

Other things about my life: I’m listening to a lot of podcasts lately. Does this make me a middle aged woman who’s discovering technology for the first time. Sort of like a sexual revolution, but with no sex.
Oy. I don’t know.

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  1. I'm a college student (not at SCAD) and I really enjoy reading your blog. I found it randomly a few years ago, and I'm so happy I did! In my humble opinion you are doing life right

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