Damn, shorty.

At the risk of sounding cocky, I looked good today. 
Nothing crazy. 
I didn’t suddenly lose 15 lbs. overnight and, by magazine standards, my hair could stand to be a little less frizzy, but all-in-all, something was different. Something was working. 
These days don’t happen often and so believe me when I say that I notice it just as much… actually, probably way more than the people around me do, but I can say, with pretty much, almost, no… definitely all confidence that today, things were clicking. And when these moments come skipping into your life with the ease and effortlessness of an 8 year old on a playground, you document the dang thing on your blog because who knows when the next time it is going to happen. 
Do you know what I’m talking about? I hope you do. I hope that you’ve been there with me sometime semi-recently because, I gotta say, gosh, it feels pretty nice. 
I don’t want to put too much thought into it and have the feeling flutter away like when you try and remember detail for detail of a really good dream, but for my own reference, I’m just going to jot down a few key points of possibly influential factors for future cross-referencing in case this sort of cellularly imperfect, wonderful weather, perfect storm of confidence happens again. 
  • Rachel Comey Boots- snagged these puppies this summer with Spencer at a heavenly sample sale in a Soho Jewish Community Center gymnasium. It was a particularly hot day that I could’ve missed altogether if I hadn’t done the responsible thing and ditched out on work. Can you imagine the loss? They might be the most important thing I own. Like, top 5 in a list of things your grab when your house is on fire. Ok, no. Top 2. And, in Lindsay’s words, they really encompass the new style rapture that is what she has coined as “New Juj.” For the record, New Juj is Old Juj. Which is to say exactly the same as I was before, but with new cool boots. 
  • Showering- This concept, I am just really coming to find after 22 years of denial, is truly not overrated. I still don’t love it. Getting all wet… drying off… yesterdays mascara somehow dripping, but also cemented under my eyes… my wet feet picking up random stuff off the floor. Such a freakin’ hassle, yamiright? I mean, I’m not going to paint a picture of myself as some disgusting, cesspool of germs, but I will say, I never realized how different one looks when one takes on the responsibility of showering every day vs. maybe, like, once every 2 (ok 3) days instead. I finally get it. You win, mom.  
  • “Running”- The increase in showering is due to a sudden and unprecedented increase in working out. Spurts like this tend to happen in my life where I get really into the gym just long enough to stop feeling like I’m going to puke by the time I finish working out, but then suddenly my tennis shoes start collecting dust and the whole thing just sort of goes away until the next season of Biggest Loser finishes and I feel guilted into working out again. But without jinxing myself, this gym crush has kind of stuck and I’ve been a bit more strategic and extremely dedicated to the idea of becoming a runner. Ugh. Typing that kind of makes me hate myself. It was my #1 cause and crusade in high school to be the anti runner out of my group of friends and really, anti working out in general (says the girl who gained a nice and sexy 15 lbs of cupcake weight at her after school job). But, I’ve been coming around to the idea lately. Anyway, for now, I put running in quotes, because my workouts are still a nice blend of jogging and heavy panting, but I think Dr. Oz was right all of those years– a healthy Oprah is a happy Oprah.
  • A good critique- I could feel the winds of positivity blowing across my face even before I had class, but let’s not dismiss the power and altogether major positive vibes a great critique on a project can give you. Actually, forget great critique. Let’s give it up for just neutral critiques sometimes, right? Getting out of class alive without a laundry list of complaints and your dignity  still intact is a win these days, let me tell you.   
  • Rachel Comey Boots, Part II (Heels)- Let’s revisit the boots because I don’t think you’re totally sold on their magical powers yet. Did I mention these boots have a heel? A big, old, chunky one that screams comfort while also managing to give me a little leg elongating action. I feel like a lady, but also a cool lady, ya know? 
  • Curly hair- Let’s just say when you’ve got hair as unruly as mine, there are good days and there are bad days. Today: a good day. 
Other factors
  • Orange Dress, Navy Sweater
  • Justin Bieber’s new song- Guys. This is going to sound crazy, but hear me out. I swear he is singing to me. 
*I considered documenting the thing in a picture but I didn’t want to clear out the facade of amazingness by possibly stumbling on some bad lighting or an unflattering angle that my iPhone self-timer could easily achieve. Let’s keep this moment in our minds full of smoke in mirrors and pink clouds and unicorns, yeah? Besides, who am I kidding. The peak of this moment has passed and I’m typing this post from my bed in sweats. These Lulu Lemons are a cruel mistress. 

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