Haig Point. Because I want to.

School can get stressful. Especially right before midterms when you get really slammed with work. But with weather still so nice around here, who has the time to sit inside all day and bury oneself in homework? When presented with the choice of working alone (on school projects that will eventually get done anyway) or twerking (figuratively and emotionally) with all of your best friends at a friend’s grandparent’s vacation home on a nearby island paradise, it’s an easy choice to make. 
Other mid-quarter vacation justifying reasons include but are not limited to: Ferry rides. Golf carts. Porch swings. Sunsets. Laughing. Memories. Because it’s senior year. Because I want to. Because the entire weekend cost me $1.50. Because anything that could hypothetically be ‘the last time’ makes me do crazy things. And because of delicious gluten free apple cake that you’re allowed to eat at any time of day. Even though it’s cake and you’ve just woken up about 7 minutes earlier. 
This sunset could’ve been enough. Seriously. Would’ve done it all. All over again. Just for the sunset. And the wind in m’ face. 
Being near the water does wonders for some of us…                                                 (Spencer)

And then let’s talk about the porches at Claire’s grandparent’s house. With their blue ceilings and their magical swinging chairs. I sat on that porch swing just long enough that I felt like I was still rocking as I was falling asleep later that night. Ahh, sweet, sweet, blissful vacation perks. It’s the little things, ya know? 

Little hams. 
What’s better than a porch swing? A porch BED. Especially one piled high and deep with friends and iced tea. My future self will look at this picture and wonder what 22 year old Julia and all of her young, cool, friends must’ve been talking about for hours. Well, let me tell you: The complexities of the iPhone game, Dots. Ex-boyfriend birthday card etiquette. What defines ‘ex-boyfriend’ in the first place. At what point in the day would it be appropriate to eat more apple cake. The hypothetical (or perhaps, not so hypothetical) possibility of running away and staying in Haig point FOR EH VER. Prunes. Throwing hot dogs down hallways and what that truly looks like. And then, of course, the ever-interesting and always reliable conversation starter trifecta of boys, weddings, and our looming futures. 
Lindsay and Susie joined us later in the weekend and so we all caravanned around the island to meet them at the dock when the ferry dropped them off. We were making quite the spectacle. Our excitement level (perhaps aided by the sugar rush we were running off of from all of the consumed aforementioned apple cake) was similar to that of a group of young brides awaiting the return of their husbands after a long deployment in the Navy circa WWII. 

Ahh. What a group. What a weekend. What golden sun upon yonder South Carolinian Island breaks. What a tragedy that it is now over. 

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