Tommy T

Something about the combination of going to see the movie Gravity last night (so good!) and listening to that Keith Urban song on the radio about ‘taking the bullet’ left my headspace a little dark before I went to bed. I woke up this morning at the tail end of a trail of scary nightmares that I’m having a hard time shaking. And as if things coudn’t get any creepier, a lightbulb went out in my room right as I finished typing that last sentence, leaving me alone, downstairs, in the dark. Cool.
I’m trying to think of something funny to read, or watch, or listen to just to get my mind off of child murder nightmares (where does my brain come up with this stuff?!) before I head off to the gym and the first and only thing my sleepy brain can think of is Tom Haverford YouTube clips.

 Signing off. Happy Tuesday.

Ok. It literally just started POURING rain outside. Should I just get back in bed and start this day over?

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