Urbanna Farm

As research for my senior collection (which, I promise, I really am going to explain in a overly detailed, run on sentence riddled, mostly confusing blog post very soon) I got to go visit a very special place a mere 20 minutes away from my home in Savannah called Urbanna Farm
Our friend, Eliza, who we met three years ago when she lived in our old house before we did, and her husband Matt recently moved onto the farm to work, experience and learn from a fully sustainable family run farm with the farmer’s themselves, an awesome family, the Williams. I hadn’t talked to Eliza in a while, but I texted her and basically invited myself into their lives to observe for a few hours, what it essentially, a huge building block in the basis of my senior project: farm life. 
When Frances, Spencer and I headed out to their home on Friday and pulled into a dirt driveway and the Williams’ smiling faces, I just couldn’t have been more excited. 
Eliza greeted us and gave us a tour and, guys… guys… their farm was the coolest. Baby pigs, mama pigs, chickens, a rooster (that we named Rufus), rabbits, goats, herbs, SWEET POTATOES, tree frogs, tractors, and open… space… ahhh. It was glorious. 
I took a bunch of pictures (mostly of the chickens) and lingered around their property until it was obvious that we were stalling and just wanted to hang out. The entire drive home, I would not shut up about how cool that was and how inspired I felt about the coming year. And it almost made me want to quit this whole fashion mess and become a farmer! (I said almost). What a rewarding life that must be. 


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