It’s coming.

Last night, Kaitlin and I had an awesome dinner with our grandparents. We talked about our family and Christmas and I ate a huge steak and wore a dress. I even got them to tell the story about how they met  and fell in love on a cruise ship from San Francisco to Hawaii when my grandma was on a family vacation and my grandpa, just graduated from Princeton, was moving to the islands to become a teacher. I’ve heard that story a million times and it never ever gets old. It was great. 

After dinner, Kaitlin and I made a quick detour to Anthropologie.  And that’s where it happened. 
The second I entered the store, I knew. 
I could smell it in the scent of the maple candles. I could hear it in the change from sandals flopping around the store, to a much heartier clop of boots. And I could see it in the stacks of newly folded printed corduroy pants and the color of burnt orange that my eyes picked up on like a plate of hot cookies.

I’m excited for this fall just like I am every year. And although it might be 82 degrees in Costa Mesa right now, I am wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, jeans and a blanket on my lap. I will not be ignored.

Moral of the story: I like my grandparents. And I like the fall. And I like hanging out with both my grandparents and the fall.

And thus concludes today’s blog post. 

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