A Few Lessons I’ve Learned from my Dad

Always make eye contact when in conversation. 
Wood is wood. 
Jump by Van Halen is the best song. 
Respect the bikers code and stay in the bike lane. 
A firm handshake is a skill to be practiced and perfected.
Honesty is far more important than profitability. 
Idle once you pass the bouys.  
Spit on it and play ball. 
The respect of your peers is a gift that should be earned and protected. 
Never leave a soldier behind. 
Cholula, shredded cheese, Doritos. 
Peanuts, beer, sidewalk gutters. 
Gibs, Abby, DiNozzo. 
If a haircut ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 
Work hard.
Always do your best. 
And finally, when given the opportunity: Sleep. 

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