Week 1

Oh me oh my, my little cheecheroonies. Where to begin? 
I apologize for the sporadic (or less than sporadic really… more like non existent) blogging lately. I’ve been a tad busy. Ever since moving in last Sunday, things have been go go go in such a delightfully crazy way. Coming into the city and starting my internships has felt like being dropped onto a treadmill that is already going at full speed.
And while yes, this last week and a half has been just a total marathon of one day at one internship to one day at another, trying to learn the culture of each workplace and remembering to not show up in all black or all color on the wrong day, I have been surprised to find that in some ways, it feels like I never really left New York after last summer. Walking down the same streets, eating at the same restaurants, seeing the same sights, smelling the same smells that last summer I experienced in such an independent and isolated way has really been quite eery to now share with my friends who are experiencing New York in a completely new way just as I am now. Completely new, but exactly the same. In a way, all of the personal and academic learning and growth that has taken place over the last year since I ended my internship last summer has almost just felt like a long intermission leading right back up to this time and this place. And when I allow myself to think about the situation that I find myself in right now in a more abstract way, it’s becoming clear to me that the preparation of last summer was simply a very long and arduous lead up to the place that I find myself in now. Not that I feel more prepared or anything. It’s just that I feel like I’m ready for the next step. I suppose that I will find that to be true for the rest of my life, really– the idea of building blocks preparing me for things that I couldn’t possibly be aware of in the future. 
Ok, but besides all of this mumbo jumbo and comparisons of this summer and last summer and my future and the past and blah blah blah blah… this week has just been really, really fun. 
After I got here, none of my other roommates arrived in the city until later in the week, so I had the place to myself for four whole days. Gotta say… that whole living alone concept… pretty amazing. I can buy cookie dough without anyone knowing. And more importantly, I can eat the whole thing without anyone knowing. On top of that, it’s like sure, I’ll leave my shoes here. And there. And maybe another pair over there. Because guess what? They’re all my shoes! And no one else lives here. A concept that may lead to an especially messy apartment, but a happy one at that. And I think that I might be in love with our little neighborhood. We live on this tiny block (actually, I think it’s the same size as the rest of the blocks, but it just feels tiny because tiny things are cuter) lined with trees (actually, I think all of the streets are lined with trees but our trees are better and much shmoopier). But my favorite part is the fact that there are gardens separating our building and the buildings next door which means… say it with me now… natural… light! Ahhh. What a dream. I spent some quality time playing “Rear Window” and spying on the neighbors as I sat on the fire escape and listened to music the other night and the summertime vibes were flowing hard. 
Oh, mommy, color me happy. 

Of all of the buildings in New York City, what are the odds that you and one of your best friends is working in the same one? Pretty good apparently, because as I was coming out of this really cool, local, mexican restaurant (it’s called… er… Chipotle… (sorry I’m not sorry)) I ran into this little lady on the street! Turns out that not only are we both in the same building on the days that I work at Whit, but just one floor apart. So fun. 

It’s been fun the last couple of weeks to show the girls around to all of the restaurants and coffee shops that I became friendly with last summer. On Wednesday, we all had a hankering for something sweet, so we hiked up the street for ice cream at Van Leeuwen’s. 

Susie says, “Yummy earl grey ice cream makes me very, very happy indeed!”
Well, well, well. Look who showed up. Little Olita made her way to the city last Thursday night after making a quick pit stop home to Indiana to watch her brother graduate from high school. Man, this girl is the sauce. The next morning was rainy and gross and I was not feeling the whole work thing, so I made her walk with me to my subway stop in the rain. And hold my umbrella. That’s what friends are for, right? 

I bribed her with the promise of a free coffee at the end of the journey. 
Ok, let’s jump forward to Saturday. You may be wondering why in the world I look so morose on a beautiful Saturday in one of my favorite cities in the entire world with all of my friends around me on the first weekend of the summer. It’s because homegirl was at work. In this picture, I am moping in the model closet while all of my friends explore the wonders of SoHo shopping. And I’m at work. In the model closet. On a Saturday. In one of my favorite cities in the world. Without all of my friends around me. On the first weekend of summer. (And don’t be deceived by my jacket– you still definitely need to wear black at Vera Wang, even on a Saturday). 
I spent the day fitting the models in their looks for the Resort 2014 presentation that  actually happened Yesterday (more on that later). 

But then homegirl got out of work! Drinks anyone? 

Susie’s dad was in town and generously took all of us out to dinner at the Wren in the East Village. We sat near a window where we got to watch all of the beautiful people congregate for their Saturday night festivities walking down the street. 
How adorshable is this little smooch?

It’s becoming clear to me that as for this summer, dinner is almost definitely 100% to be followed up my dessert. Not that I’m complaining. Have you ever heard of the Milk bar? It’s one of the many Chef David Chang powerhouse restaurants in NYC (another favorite is the Momofuku Noodle Bar), but this one is just desserts. The food there is a little cooky like cereal milk flavored ice cream and crack pie. After a healthy sampling of their offerings, I learned that I am quite the fan of their birthday cake truffles. 
But not as big of a fan as their green pea (not a typo. definitely pea.) flavored ice cream. 

On Sunday, we went to the Brooklyn Flea Market but only after we were enchanted by this community garden a few blocks away from our apartment. Community gardens really are the greatest idea. Especially this one. I’m learning that moments of green and spaces of rest are just the tops and so important in my little heart, ya know? 

These guys are the tops too.

Alright, that’s it for now, but here are a few teasers to get you excited for the future of this blog:
– Vera, the lady
– My future and all that comes with it
– New York, do I love you? 
– Stuck on the subway forever 
– What I really think about my internships (I’m waiting to evaluate until I complete two whole weeks)

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