Hi hi hi hi. I’m writing this post with so much excitement. Yesterday marked the very first day of this second (technically third, I guess…) adventure in New York City that I am lovingly referring to as “New York City: the Sequel.” And let me just say right up front that this sequel rocks. 

As I mentioned on Thursday, Frances and I were setting off for Texas after my last final and I was starting to feel increasingly anxious. The idea of junior year ending and senior year beginning had me reeling and only adding to the stress was all of the unknowns of this summer. It was hitting me hard which was scary and uncomfortable. Then, after a specifically thrilling anxiety attack in the car somewhere in the middle of good ole Mississippi, I was sort of able to pray and recalibrate my thinking for the rest of the drive, and for the rest of the weekend, really. Slowly but surely, my excitement for this adventure began to grow and the nerves fell away.
After spending a great 48 hours in Dallas with the ever hospitable Russell family and Frances’ booooyfriend, Zach, Frances and I headed into the city yesterday afternoon to meet up with Claire, Grace, and Susie in the East Village who Frances will be staying with. 
Ok, so this is when I started to clue in to the fact that this summer is going to be about a million times better than last summer. Let me just say that even before we met up with the other girls, having even one of your best friends sitting with you in the cab as you approach the New York City skyline is way less scary. And it’s even less scary when you look up at the skyline and recognize things and can put directions together in your head like you were here yesterday. Ahh. What a feeling. I couldn’t help but smile when the cab driver dropped us off on the corner of Frances’ block and I remembered being in the exact situation last year wondering how in the world I was going to get my suitcases up four flights of stairs without getting mugged. Memories. Precious, precious memories. After getting Frances all settled and drinking a large glass of ice water (the first of many), Susie and I made the five minute walk over to my apartment to check in. Guys. Ok. This apartment. It’s, in a word, lovely. On a quiet block, overlooking gardens and nearby parks, I sit in a sun soaked room with yellow walls and feelings of home. And air conditioning. I tried to play it cool when Liz, our landlord explained all of the details of the house, and it was all I could do not to just hug her, and over share about how weird last summer. And maybe cry a little. This apartment is just that good. And may I mention, no Lord Friend
We headed to one of my faves, the Shake Shack, for dinner and ate some of the saltiest, best burgers under the trees in Madison Sq. Park. The whole time waiting to suddenly feel a pang of stress about starting working the next morning… but it never came! Ahhh yes. What a joy. We leisurely walked back to my apartment where the girls dropped me off and we called it a night. And I realized that even walking up the four flights of stairs is easier this year. 
I wish I had something more groundbreaking or interesting to say about this whole situation. But I don’t. I just know that I’m having a good time. And I feel happy. And I’m not going to think too much about that and ruin anything. Because literally my only complaint right now is the large blister that has formed on the bottom of my foot. But that’s it! Pshhh. I can totally handle a blister!  
(Thanks everyone for all of your amazingly supportive texts, comments, and emails lately. Boy do I feel supported.)

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  1. Such a happy post! Yay. So excited for you. And thanking God for answered prayers 🙂 Mrs. Page

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