That time.

Ok. So this is the post where I say things like “Wow! I can’t believe that today is the last day of school!” and “This year flew by so fast!” and “I’m really nervous about starting my internship so soon.” And then the post would turn into roughly 6.5 paragraphs about my fears of disappointing myself at my internship and I’d make it extremely clear, in case you still were a little unsure, how much I really, truly, absolutely do hate how hot the weather is in New York City summers.

You guys know what post I’m talking about. You’ve definitely read it before. So I’m having a hard time justifying taking the time to write it all again. Because what else is there to add that hasn’t been said before?

I’ve given it some thought and here are a few new-ish thoughts:

1. After a uncomfortably long day working on homework with just myself and my iPod with incredibly too much time left alone to think about this summer (read: begin to panic about this summer), I seriously considered canceling all of my plans and just trekking on home for my last summer ever.
2. Decided against it. Barely.
3. I am packing nearly half of the amount of clothes I did last summer. Not sure what the significance of that is, but I feel strongly that it should be recorded. Maybe it suggests some sort of subliminal comfortability with minimalism that I’m going through or perhaps a contentment with who I am and that I’m not relying on possessions to define me. Or maybe it just means that I’m bringing less stuff.
4. Hard to explain, but I think that I may feel even less prepared for this summer right now than I did at this point last year. It’s like I know too much. I’m more aware of what is about to take place and therefore more aware of all of things that are completely out of my control.
5. I really hope this summer is better than last summer. Like, really, really hope.

Ok! I’m going to sign off there.

Leaving for Dallas immediately after my last class this afternoon and then getting to New York on Sunday!

As always, will keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “That time.

  1. Julia, i love you. even if it sucks, you are going to become more of who you are supposed to be because of it. but i have this sneaking suspicion that it is going to rock so hard because you will have your sweet roomies to welcome you home at the end of a good day of work. either way, you are one of those people who has worked so hard and been so diligent and in this moment i just feel so in awe of you and your work ethic. I was on Patton constructions website last night (i'll tell you why later:) and people were saying a lot of great things about your dad's work ethic and honesty and quality craftsmanship. And i realized that you are like that too, you are following a great legacy. I am even more impressed with your willingness to repeatedly throw yourself into the unknown, when it doesn't feel good and when it is scary. That is called courage my friend, and you have got it in spades. You are like those beautiful rock walls and caves in the grand canyon or Zion…over time, water and pressure and elements have created these really beautiful, complex designs. Go get 'em tiger. We need you out there. (sorry i got a little dramatic, but i meant it all.) i really do love you.

  2. I'm so excited for you! Also, as a fellow internship experiencer, I've figured out that once you know exactly how crazy/out-of-control things are gonna be, you can meet challenges with your eyes open. Everything's still hard, but you have the advantage of enough perspective to start figuring out what works best for you-how to be most productive and feel the best in your own skin. Sorry if this is lotsa cheesiness! You're probably all “….that's not what I meant at ALL.” Haha. If that's the case, then remember this advice for later! 🙂

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