Today marks the one week mark. One more week of school. And exactly one more week until I start my internship at Vera Wang. 
Excuse me while I have this small panic attack. 
But, instead of focusing on the mountain of things that I have to get done in the next few days, I thought I’d post some very crude pictures of the four garments that I’ve made for classes this quarter now that they are all officially FINISHED. Say it with me: FINISHED. Ahh…. feels good. 
It’s pretty handy to have a gorgeous lady living with you as your own personal fit model. And all I have to do is ask nicely! Thanks, Spence! 
Ok, here is my final garment for my Evening Wear Class. This was inspired by the late 70’s disco club scene. This class was fun because it was an elective, which meant that it was really just time to play do something fun with not a lot of pressure. 
Here is the first garment I made for my Apparel 3 class. The point of Apparel 3 (or at least my apparel 3 class) is too make things that are extremely diverse not only in inspiration, but in technique, fabrication and silhouette as well. And maybe by the end of the quarter, you will have stumbled upon an idea or concept that excites you so much that you might want to expound upon it for your senior collection. This dress was inspired by Scandinavian Pottery Design and Scandinavian pattern. I used red canvas and roll printed my own floral pattern down all six (yes, six) yards of fabric and then made super deep pleats to create really extreme volume and proportions. 

For the second Apparel project, we were required to do something that was considered conceptual design. What is conceptual design? This idea is very much up to interpretation, but the easiest way to define it is something that is designed and or fabricated less with the idea of it actually being worn on a day to day basis and more to showcase and technique or to make a commentary on a specific topic. My inspiration was the Soviet Union and more specifically the idea of surveillance. I utilized the laser cutter we have at SCAD and cut rectangles out of a lightweight wool and then topstitched silver taffeta back into the cut outs to create the illusion of a window. 

For my final project in Apparel, we chose either a time period or an artistic movement as a starting point. I chose the Belle Epoque of French and Belgian history and used two different laces to create this dress. I like it. Sometimes I don’t. I think I’m just tired of of looking at it. AND CAN IT BE FRIDAY ALREADY?

So, that’s it! It’s fun to look back and see all that I’ve accomplished in the last handful of weeks, both in-class and things that are just for fun, and to be (mostly) proud of it all.  I can’t wait to shoot all of these garments and really see them come to life.

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