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Spring quarter always has a way of rushing up on me. One day it’s Winter and life feels chilly and well paced and then suddenly, I wake up one morning to find a layer of pollen on my car and sandals on my pale feetsies. I’m a winter person (nothing suits me better than layered clothing and bowls of hot risotto), but there’s something about Savannah in the Spring that makes you want to drive for hours with the windows down and the sticky breeze on your face. That, and the flowers. You guys. The flowers. They’re unreal. 
Also, what better way to welcome in warmer weather with a set of cornrows? Oli had those bad boy braids for a solid week after her trip to the Bahamas for Spring Break. She knows how to rock a row. 

Me and Susie at the Library. No one loves the fashion reference section of Jen more than this gal. 
Me and the bros on our front porch on Easter. We’re all looking so ladylike, aren’t we? Nothing calls for dresses and manners quite like Easter brunch. 

Our delicious Easter bounty. Some cherished family recipes. Some new ventures. But all ridiculously good. (I made potatoes gratin with bearnaise sauce). Eating meals like this gets me excited for days in the future when hosting holiday dinners will be my responsibility to tackle. 

 Spencer’s turned 21! We celebrated with dinner at Local and I made chocolate chocolate birthday cupcakes with sea salt. Remember: the best way to ring in a new year of life is with mountains and mountains of salty chocolate.

Baille Younkman can be blamed for this pic. She’s trained me to see accidental art on the walls of my own city. There’s so much around when I take a second to look. 
I love these people. Even just hanging out on the couch watching marathons of Nashville is an absurd amount of fun. Sometimes I can’t believe that I’ve only known them for three years. Sometimes I can’t believe that I’ve already known them for three years. Can time just please slow down a little bit? Especially on weekends? K. Cool. Thanks. 

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