We can file this one under “Exciting Life News.” Or maybe even “Landmark Life Moments”?

I’ve been keeping this semi-under wraps for the past few weeks (unless I’ve seen you in person and you’ve asked me any question regarding this summer in which case I totally spilled the beans and told you everything) that I was in consideration for a design internship at Vera. Freaking. Wang.  


Let that rest for a few seconds.


Keep going.

It’s been a few weeks of back and forth emails but after interviewing yesterday afternoon with the head of their design department, I got an e-mail from Vera Wang (the company, not the lady) offering me a design internship for the summer. I blinked. And then read the e-mail again. And then I screamed. And danced a little. And laughed. And my face got hot. And I panicked that I had read the e-mail wrong. And so I read the e-mail again. And I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t a typo. But they offered me a design internship. With Vera. Freaking. Wang. 


Let that rest for a few seconds.


Keep going.

Let’s just take a moment to rewind about 15 years to a little girl who was watching Parent Trap at the movie theater and saw for the first time that there was a job that existed in the world where you got to live in London and design beautiful dresses for women with perfect teeth who felt and looked great. I remember looking up at the screen in wonderment, extremely jealous of Lindsay Lohan in her very put-together blue suit, dancing around the design studio with a gorgeous model wearing a top hat and thinking to myself that that is what I wanted to do with my life. I was sure of it.

And then I wasn’t so sure of it. And then I was again. And then for a bit I wanted to bake cupcakes for the rest of my life. But then I realized that I was more of a fan of eating cupcakes. So I returned to design. And then college happened. And in case you’re a little behind on your Bushka history, I wasn’t so sure again. But things have happened in the past 15 years that keep pushing me in a direction that I’m always surprised at but never disappointed in. And come on! Who’s to say that I’m still sure of ANYTHING in my life right now. But I know this is a good thing.

And let’s be realistic here. My chances this summer coming even close to a Lindsay Lohan moment of blue suited greatness are slim (especially because the dress code at Vera is all black)(and my main responsibilities will be less about dancing fun 90’s music and more about coffee orders), but I cannot wait. And maybe for the first time ever I feel ready. And confident. And steady in myself and what I have to offer. And I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!!

2 thoughts on “Vera

  1. OMG — it would be an understatement to say that I am soooooo happy for you, soooooo excited for you, and soooooo grateful to God for this opportunity for you….


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