A Happening

I’m going to bed earlier and drinking lots of water. 
I’m watching less reality TV and sweeping more. 
I’m working out and choosing to only eat one piece of bread out of the basket. 
I’ve stopped shopping at Forever 21 and I only buy things I really really really like. 
Like, even if something is on sale, I usually don’t buy it.
And I really like sales. 
I’m thinking before I’m speaking. 
I’m pausing before I’m blogging. 
I’m washing my face before I go to bed and sometimes I wear ear plugs.
I make eggs for breakfast and I’m eating almonds. For fun. 
I’m going to the library and I’m listening to less pop music. 
I’m having conversations with friends over cocktails about graduation and weddings. 
And the once blooming bush in the front yard is dying after only a week and it is making me so sad that I try not to look at it when I walk up to the porch. 
Something weird is happening and I’m not sure what it is or if I like it. 
I don’t know what this all means for you, and I don’t quite know what it means for me either, but it deserves attention. 

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