Hump Day

Julia Patton, Wednesday, March 6, 2013: 10:24 AM. 
Completely drained of all motivation to continue on the losing battle of finals for the next week and a half.

Instead focusing on the possibilities of the expansion of my summer wardrobe through the Jelly to my Biscuit, Madewell.

Finding myself unschooled last summer in the extremities of a northeastern weather and it’s noxious affects on one’s armpit and upper lip regions, I am ready to face this summer with a catalog of sartorial choices more appropriate for the circumstance of life in a sweat lodge.

I may start a Kickstarter. 

3 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. i am all for rain boots in any weather, but i am concerned that hunter boots+new york heat=sweaty sweaty feet, which then ='s stinky stinky smells. i say this from experience. but i will support you in anything. also, what is a kickstarter?
    i love you, d

  2. D-
    so true. although last summer, with their random tropical storms, you find yourself too hot to wear a full on rain boot that goes up to the knee, but a normal summer sandal isn't practical either. that's why i'm liking this ankle bootie option. i feel like it could be the best of both worlds and an answer to my prayers. but who knows? Kickstarter is a website people use to raise money for things… usually charity, philanthropy or art related projects. my closet needs counts as philanthropy, right? love you too.

  3. A reply to a comment? I love it!!!

    Cute cute ankle boots!!

    I love you too. You're just loved all over the place.

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