Largely Blessed

I’m wearing a pair of socks that belong to a friend while typing this. But I would argue that once one is allowed into the personal world of a friends sock drawer, they are more than friends and something closer to a sister. Largely responsible for the socks was last night. A night of homework. And round tables. And homemade rhubarb strawberry jam. And then homemade rhubarb strawberry jam in ramekins with brown sugar, oats and butter. Crisped in the oven until they were fully consumed with burned tongues. And some of the most important people in my life sitting and talking about everything. The stresses. And victories. Crushes on boys. Some we know and some we don’t. The perfect summer shoe and our preferences when it comes to the size of mechanical pencil lead. It felt like home. And it felt like I was known– a feeling only continued again this morning waking up to find a living room full of some of the most awesome, talented, smart, and realistic women I know all holding their routine mug of coffee and waking up this day together.
I’m excited for the future of these people. Both individually and as a team of support and understanding like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life before. 

2 thoughts on “Largely Blessed

  1. this brought tears of joy to my eyes. i am so deeply happy for you. and grateful that you are the kind of person that those kind of people want to be friends with. I love you. – your sister, k

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