The Oscars, my friends. THE. OSCARS.

I have finals to do. I am like, really busy. Like, super busy. But why not take 6 hours on Sunday when I should be doing homework and projects due the next morning to first watch Ryan Seacrest awkwardly compliment celebrities on how jealous he is of their hair volume followed by about a half a dozen long haired men accept awards for things like sound mixing in a foreign animated short or Avatar (that’s still being nominated, right?). I’ll tell you why. We do it for the fashion. We do it for the moments when Jennifer Lawrence falls on her face. We do it for the rare occassion every few years where we get invited into Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck adorable marriage. WE DO IT FOR OSCAR. 
And where I didn’t time budget on Sunday, I am having to time budget now. For this year’s wrap up, I don’t have enough time to rip apart Seth Macfarlane’s sub par hosting job or how much I don’t like Jennifer Hudson (I know. Sorry.) but I’m going to focus on my favorite fashion moments. Duh. 
Let’s start with the big winner. J-Law. This Dior Haute Couture dress was simultaneously her best friend and worst enemy. Yes, the dress fit her like a glove and emoted sophistication and timelessness like no other, but it also ended up being to blame for her great fall (which, I might add, could not have been done more gracefully) when accepting her award. The pale pastel color was a definite trend of the night, as well as my top picks. 
Me and my clique absolutely loved Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen. Not everyone can pull off the high neckline (also worn flawlessly by Salma Hayek later in the evening) but her choice to keep her hair, makeup and jewelry simple complimented the dress beautifully. She rarely ever makes a misstep when it comes to fashion choices and this is just another one in the bank. Well played, Cosette. 
Ok, this is almost completely arbitrary to write, but Charlize Theron looked beautiful. She is wearing Dior Haute Couture. Her hair is amazing. Her makeup is stunning. Her jewelry is sparkly. I loved it. Let’s move on. 
Oh, Anne Hathaway. What are we going to do with you? I love you. I hate you. I love you. I hate you. You love your husband. I hate you. Let’s start at the beginning, ok? Your dress. My sources at E! tell me that you were supposed to be wearing a Valentino gown, someone you’ve worn beautifully a number of times before, but at the last minute (an hour before leaving for the red carpet) decided to switch to this Prada dress. I want to love it. I see the great potential in it, but the problem with changing your mind at the last minute means that the weeks and weeks of tailoring said dress that would have happened with the proper planning, had to be Macgyver’ed in hour that was allowed. Thus resulting in a beautiful couture gown being worn by a beautiful woman, but that fit poorly. A shame indeed. Especially considering the flack she has taken this awards season for campaigning for her Oscar win, I’m going to assume that the Valentino dress she was previously planning on wearing just screamed “winner.” Maybe she got cold feet and wanted to do something a bit more subdued, but everyone knows her Oscar was in the bag, so I wish she had just gone for it. 
Still love the dress, though. 
But before we move on, allow me to point out the lady to Miss Hathaway’s left in the background. Opaque white tights. Baby pink Mary Jane’s. A one shoulder black dress and a white cardigan. And that, my friends, is how you rock the Oscars! 
I absolutely loved Jessica Chastain in this Armani dress. Completely beaded could have gone wrong. Terribly wrong. But like everything Miss Chastain gets her hands on these days, she knocked it out of the park. Her Golden Globes look was a bit more editorial and I liked it, but this is a quintessential Oscars moment. 
Eddie Redmayne wins for the boys. Every time. Forever and for always. <3 
That’s it for this year. I hate when awards season is over. 

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